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Strolling along Boulevard

Walking along Boulevard and choosing a little boat for a drink is a classic Santa Fe. We leave you this proposal to get to know an icon of the city.

Santa Fe

Walking along Boulevard Pellegrini or Boulevard Gálvez (it is the same, it changes according to the height from west to east) is a tradition of every Santafesino. It is also one of the main attractions that we have in Santa Fe to offer to those who visit us. The main avenue of the city center had several renovations, repairs and embellishments. Today, it is a must walk, mainly because of the varied gastronomic offer that presents, practically, in all its corners.

It is approximately 25 blocks — from the Unión courtin the west to the Costanerain the east — which comprises Boulevard Pellegrini, or Galvez, depending on how high we are. As an option for the tourist, if you like to walk, it is very good that of splicing San Martín, which is perpendicular, with Boulevard, turn east and get you to the coast, to the side of the Setúbal Lagoon. It's a few little squares, but the ride is very enjoyable. The wide avenue has developed, in recent years, a wide range of boutiques, bazaars and, mainly, bars, cafes and ice cream parlours. Calle San Martín is the other most beautiful in the city, mainly because of its kilometer and a half pedestrian. That's why the recommendation to know the two together.

The fashion of beers and tapas

Santa Fe is no stranger to the national phenomenon of craft beer and hamburger or fries with cheddar. What yes, adding what was already his tradition of smooth and chopped, is an interesting combination of options to get to know. There are multiple corners to test these variants that can be found along the Boulevard, with greater concentration in the eastern sector. At the same time, approximately 500 meters to the north and as many to the south, are the Candioti Norte and Candioti Sur neighborhoods, which recently became the gastronomic hub of Santafesino.

Thereafter, the East and West Costanera (the traditional one) are coming, but those are already reasons for another note.

Our city is a big town, very piola to come for a walk, because most of its most attractive places can be visited on foot. When you come, take advantage and take this walk along Boulevard, which you can refresh with some good smooth or craft pints.

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Publication Date: 23/06/2020

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