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Santa Fe Natural: 3 must-see activities with nature

Excursions and fishing to do in Santa Fe, a province that invites you to stroll in the sun surrounded by its nature. Are you going to miss it?

Santa Fe

 Fishing day 

Surrounded by an engaging landscape, the  fisherman  is in a setting that bursts with tranquility and promises very good  results  next to   nature . 

The  waters  of this region are rich in  species  such as  moncholos, golden, surubí, armed, catfish, yellow, vogue, mandubé, patí, tararira  ... a real temptation for lovers of this discipline and  nature. 

There are thousands of private services that can be hired at the  pier . The most complete include:  Transportation, River Navigation, Guide, Fishing Equipment, Bait, Fuel and Lunch on the Island.  

The activity is available all year round and every day.

 Santa Fe Islands 

 Islas de Santa Fe  is a unique attraction of the geography marked by the great Paraná River  . From the city of  Santa Fe , lying on the  river flood valley, framed by a lush river  ecosystem in which  flora and  fauna are the stars of this environment, we take a unique  walk to enjoy and understand the special dynamics of the river. From the heart of the  island  area a place to enjoy the scenery and  rest  , between incredible sunrises, and languid and slow sunsets on the edge of the  great river  next to  nature  .

There are different services according to each one's  pocket  . You can hire a private service at the pier which includes:  Transport, Professional guide, Nautical tour through the islands area, streams, estuos, lagoons, short walk around the island and lunch of dishes with river products. 

The activity is available all year round, with morning departures.

 Jaaukanigás Wetland 

In the heart of the  Jaaukanigás Ramsar Site, one  of the most wetlands of our country , is located  El Portal del Wetland , where one of the largest tanneries in the country was once abandoned. This historic construction was recycled to comfortably welcome  tourists , but preserving the air and bucolic style of the early  twentieth century .  Boating, boating, hiking and guided horseback riding, photography of landscapes and fauna of the Paranaense river ecosystem and exquisite regional cuisine. 

The activity is available all year round.

Source:  Santa Fe Turismo 

Publication Date: 13/02/2020

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