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Santa Fe, meeting nature in its purest form

In Santa Fe, in the Villa Ocampo region, is the Ramsar Jaaukanigas, a wetland developed by the Paraná River. It's a unique experience.

Santa Fe

When we think about the joys that come with travel adventures, we often imagine exciting trips to beautiful places for perfect photography, unique meals you won't find at home, and encounters with people who are very different from ours.   Tourism   allows us to do more than just learn data about various places. It allows us to immerse ourselves in the   cultures   and   lifestyles of   others and leaves impressions durable ones that will probably not be forgotten.

The rewards that come with the novelty and successful learning experiences of travel are irreplaceable, and these benefits can be enhanced through  ecotourism . The ecotourist travels with more than a personal satisfaction in mind. It helps the planet and allows people to lead a  fuller life .

Local communities, especially those that do not thrive by industrial means, benefit greatly from tourists who respect their land while providing additional funds. In unspoilt regions, we are offered a sightseeing experience that reminds us of the enchanting qualities of  nature  and commonly present us to welcoming residents.

As we explore unknown places in a  spirit  of curiosity and kindness, we begin important discussions with locals and other visitors. Through their stories, we have an insight into what  people 's needs and desires are.

Memories are always original and can keep you lit on the darkest days. You can create your own memories with  photographs  you take from amazing places or show locals that you back up their talents by purchasing handmade items.

The impossible doesn't seem so impossible anymore. There are so many places we see that are beautiful and seem so far away. When you finally reach the  fate  of your dreams, you are showing yourself that the impossible can be achieved and that you can make your wildest dreams come true.

Wake up forgotten sensations in Jaaukanigas

 Argentina  has a tourist wealth not sized by those who live here. Areas where natural catches and dazzles. Unbeatable places that ask to be traveled. Spaces to find unique experiences that connect with our intimacy.

In Santa Fe, in the      Villa Ocampo   region, you can enjoy one of these  jewellery . It is  Ramsar  Jaaukanigas, a wetland developed by Paraná in its flood hill.

 The Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, known as the Ramsar Convention, is an international agreement that promotes the conservation and wise use of wetlands. 

The Jaaukanigas wetland proposes to catch us with the observation of animals and plants. Jaaukanigas comes from an Aboriginal language that “Gente del Agua”.

The place has a wonderfully rich  biodiversity  , its flora is composed of almost 900 species among which stand out white timbo, willow, alder and even black carob trees along with red quebrachos, as well as  camalotales   and reeds  .

If we talk about fauna, there are 250 species of  fish  that make the liking of sports fishermen. Shad, Surubi, Dorado, Pacu, Paty is fishing. In addition live 36 species of amphibians and 46 reptiles that include rattlesnake, yarará, yacaré overo and black, water turtles and the great yellow anaconda. Also, 68 species of mammals dwell such as the capincho, which is the largest rodent in the world. Next to it there are otters and river lobies.  He'll water the guazú  and the  howler monkeys  .

 Aguará Guazú is the largest of South American foxes. Their coat is rather long, beautiful red, and on the neck and cross they have a kind of dark mane.  

And to crown so much diversity there are recorded more than 300 species of birds that make this wetland the most diverse and rich in the country.

Useful data:

 Villa Ocampo 

Cooperative of Ecotourism Portal del Wetland. Lodging: cabins, hostel, camping. Swimming pool, boating, kayaking, hiking, horseback riding. Fishing and sighting tour. 03482-525893/683289.

Cooperative El Pirá Tucha. Guided fishing, bird watching, boat rides 03482-469062/467836

 Port of Reconquista 

Cooperativa Irupe: crafts in fish leather and rescue of regional cuisine based on river fish

Cooperative Sabor al Natural, gastronomy based on river fish, fruits and vegetables of the region. 03482 53-0548

 National Wetland Festival 

The National Wetland Festival is held in February. There you can enjoy a varied artistic billboard that all musical tastes.It is sponsored by the “Celebrating” Program of the Ministry of Culture of the Nation.

Information talks on wetlands are also provided within the framework of the find. Bibliographic material is also provided for distribution to all schools and libraries in the region. This year the 2nd Expo-Tourism was held where visitors could learn about the different tourist proposals offered by the Jaaukanigás Region. And the 2nd Fish Empanada Fair, considered the typical dish of the city, where almost 11,000 units were marketed throughout the event.

Publication Date: 26/12/2019

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