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Santa Fe has dinosaurs. Alive?

Susana Giménez's historic question could be asked in the Dinosaurs Park, which is just outside Santa Fe city.

Santa Fe

In the Colastiné Norte neighborhood, one of the most beautiful in the city of Santa Fe due to its  coastal  environment and sandy streets, the Pujato family has, several years ago, carried out a unique dinosaur park. It is a  beautiful tourist site  to enjoy with family or for student groups.

Parque de los Dinosaurios is located within a 140-hectare property, located meters from kilometer 2 of the RP1, just 5 minutes from the city center of Santa Fe. It contains  life-size replicas  of some species of dinosaurs that inhabited Argentina. Without a doubt, this walk is an unprecedented Jurassic park of Santafesino. It recreates the life of one of the  four best-known paleontological periods  in the history of our planet. The dinosaur structures were made of fiberglass, a material chosen for its high resistance to inclement weather.

The complex is named  “Parque Colonia Pujato”,  by the name of its creator, and is located in the middle of  an almost untouched landscape , crossed by a curved path that reaches the exotic coastal flora of the Colastiné River.

One of the main premises of the site is to raise awareness among the many students who visit it about the importance of  protecting the environment . The only way to ensure a better quality of life. The groups are accompanied by a guide who recreates an expedition to the Mesozoic era. On this journey to a past that existed 200 million years ago, the visitor discovers the names and characteristics of each animal.

 Native species 

Nestor Pujato, founder and owner of the park, began making prehistoric animals  as a hobby.Seeing all the buildings he decided to create this theme park, surrounded by native nature and specially designed for the little ones .  It is beautiful to contemplate the expression on their faces when they face a sculpture that quadriples them in height. It is wonderful to feel the interest they arouse in them, eager to know what the life on Earth was like.

Pujato manufactured, among others, replicas of  Riojasaurus , Eoraptor, Piatnitzkysaurus, Lagosuchus, Herrerasaurus, Carnotaurus, Amargasaurus, Ligabueino and Gasparinisaura, all antediluvian inhabitants of the current Argentine territory.

 Not just dinosaurs 

The  theme park  is just one of the attractions of the promenade, as in its entirety there are more than 150  species of birds and also native litoraleña flora . The tour, through the land where the Mocovíes once inhabited, can be done by car or by walking, while  horseback riding and visits to the farm and the  dressage field are also carried out. And for fans of the sport of silence, the Parque Colonia Pujato reserves the pleasure of fishing on the river Colastiné.

It also has a campsite equipped with all services,  an artificial lake  and children's games. The walk can be an excellent educational experience for both boys and adults.

 Information of interest 

For the general public it is open Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10:00 to 19:00

Urban lines 2 and C are a means to compete from Santa Fe Capital.

By car, take the RN 168 to the East and, after crossing the Gobernador Oroño bridge, turn left to take the RP1 until Colastiné Norte.

Publication Date: 29/08/2020

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