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Riverfront Shopping & Entertainment in Santa Fe

Some ideas where to shop and find entertainment when the sun is falling in the city of Santa Fe Are you ready? Take note!

After a day of hard walk   tourists   want to have  fun  and go  shopping  . That's why, after having  enjoyed  an afternoon strolling around the  city  , its squares, drinking some smooth in its bars, enjoying the  santafecina  cuisine and the kindness of its people, it's time for  entertainment  .

And this is why  Santa Fe  never disappoint its visitors looking for  entertainment  . In front of the imposing  Paraná , is one of the most important and complete shopping centers in the city,   La Ribera Shopping.   It is a  shopping center  that has a built area of 25,500 m², occupied by 91 shops and fifteen gondolas and stands. It also has an anchor shop, a  Cinemark  complex with seven movie theaters, one of the city  's three McDonald's  , a food court, a playground and a cultural center. There is also free WiFi throughout the shopping center and is located three blocks from the pedestrian San Martín.

Among its stores we can find the most important and recognized brands in the country. On the other hand, to make a break between shopping and shopping, the complex has a good gastronomic offer and you can eat or drink. Or, perhaps, you want to go to the cinema: the place has a complex of cinemas with 2D, 3D, XD rooms, as well as the children's play sector, making it an ideal alternative for shopping, family trips and meeting with friends.

Follow the fun

Once we bought and ate we can tempt the Goddess Fortuna by going to the Santa Fe  Casino  , which is part of the  Puerto Ribera  complex which also has the  Los Silos Hotel  and the  Los Maderos Convention Center  .

Everything is located on Dock 1 of the  port  of  Santa Fe  , which retains the original structure of the railway sheds, which were formerly used in the  city  .

You can say a lot of things about  Santa Fe , but less it's a boring  city .

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