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Monte Vera: peace and beach minutes from the city

Monte Vera is a beautiful Santafesino village that offers interesting alternatives to city life.

Santa Fe
donde queda monte vera

Monte Vera is a village located just 15 kilometers north of the capital of Santa Fe. The small village is a beautiful sample of everything that  horticultural work  can offer. In addition, its beautiful beaches attract  hundreds of Santafesinos from the capital every weekend who choose them for weekend relaxation .

Neighbors rooted in this commune highlight their constant growth. It is seen both in the population and in terms of services and the economy.

Currently, not only do its historical inhabitants live in Monte Vera. It was populated with people who, for personal or work reasons, had to leave the city. Arriving at their new destination, they fell unconditionally in love with these lands.

When you step on Monte Vera, the first thing you perceive is to  what extent cities affect people's lives.   One arrives with the burden of the city, noise, insecurity, typical infrastructure problems, nerves... and you find a place where people are absolutely happy with  the place where they live.  

where is monte vera

And in this regard, it is not surprising that more and more people are choosing Monte Vera as the ideal place to live and raise their children.

In these  lands of pure air and plenty of green, there is not a single paper thrown out on the street . People drive on foot, by bike or at low speed in their cars. The squares are in perfect condition. Irrigators travel daily through the streets moistening the gravel. The walls of the houses are not written by sprays and the predominant noise is the trebling of birds.

 The gestation of a beautiful village 

If you read about the history of Santa Fe, you will know that formerly the capital city was several kilometers to the north. Many factors determined that it  was moved  to its current location in 1651. The person in charge of that transfer was Antonio de Vera and Muxica. This gentleman acquired land, identified in the plan made in 1653, as plot No. 25 of the above payment. Land that, by then, were populated by aborigines in the area. Over time, the locals were naming the area as the Montes de la Familia Vera.

where is monte vera

These trees were felled and their fields reforested with various tree species. Already since then, its residents are engaged in vegetable garden, wheat growing, farmyard animals, gardens. The plots have 10 to 25 ha, but the production units are from 3 to 6 ha. Even today , Monte Vera is famous for its horticultural production . There are small owners who work as a la quinta family, hiring extra labor for harvesting tasks: basically Bolivians and  mocovies .

The main tourist attraction that is located within the territory of Monteverense is the Chaco Chico site. Santafesinos know it as El Chaquito.  It is a huge beach bathed by the waters of the immense Setúbal Lagoon . It is chosen by hundreds of Santafesinos every weekend. The main reason is that it is much quieter, wider and attractive than the beaches that are inside the big city.

If you are coming to know Santa Fe, including in your tour to the peaceful village of Monte Vera, is a great option.

Publication Date: 11/02/2021

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