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Oysters in Santa Fe?

In case the coastal landscape of Santafesino was little attraction for tourists, its shores can offer another ingredient: oysters!

I thought oysters were only seen in the  sea . In fact, I went to the sea several times and never found any, just little mussels. But well, I always imagined them in the ocean, on the Caribbean islands and places like that. Recently, with great surprise, I learned  that, in a beautiful lagoon of San José del Rincón, a few kilometers from Santa Fe capital , you can find oysters. And pretty big!

Before advancing with the description and some important clarifications about them, we leave you the directions to know this beautiful natural lagoon.

It is very common that,  in the rainy season, small lagoons are formed in  the areas near the Santafesino rivers. There are some very nice ones in the entire area of the coast that goes north, from Santa Fe to San Javier. It is the corridor that we already tell you a lot about in Ser Argentino:  Provincial Route Number One  This lagoon can be accessed by taking the main street of the beautiful neighborhood called Villa California. It is called Calle del Sol and is at kilometer five of the aforementioned route. At that point, you have to enter this beautiful boulevard to the west and follow it to the end. The lagoon is its completion.

In that deep west of San José del Rincón, where the landscape becomes pimplillo and lagoon water, at the ground and shore  appear the largest pearly husks that can be seen  in fresh water. Spoons of water, water shells, freshwater oysters, mussels are several possibilities to name that surface color of the river and a  very white contracara with iridescent reflections , as if in that secret cavity a rainbow was brewing.

 The treasure of mother of pearl 

One of the main  biological  features of these oysters is their enormous filtration capacity, which significantly improves the purification of aqua habitats.ticos. This quality benefits the rest of the accompanying biotic community, including fish, with whom they maintain a close relationship for reproduction. We are, then, faced with  one of the bugs that provides the greatest environmental services  to the ecosystem in which it lives. So, if you're going to know this beautiful lagoon and its oysters, be respectful.

The people of the village of Rincón remember that there was once a small factory of mother-of-pearl buttons. They were made from this raw material, which is only found in oysters and similar species. Mother of pearl is a substance secreted by these animals to cover and preserve their shells  or cover imperfections. It is hard and sturdy, but it is relatively soft and grate with ease. Compared to the rest of the metals and precious stones it is quite soft.

To remove the mother-of-pearl , the oyster must be polished  to obtain symmetrical plates that allow to be worked. Specialists claim that the exploitation of this mother-of-pearl could have caused a terrible ecological disaster. Fortunately, for the entire ecosystem, this type of economic activity was banned in the 1960s. Only a few years ago research has been carried out in the manufacture of synthetic mother-of-pearl.

Now you know: in Santa Fe you can find beautiful lagoon oysters.  You can go to know them and leave them in place , so that they fulfill the important role that every living being plays in the ecological  chain  .

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