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Helvecia, in the heart of Santa Fe

A pier that everyone misses, museums and the attractions of the Santafesino rivers are combined in Helvecia.

Privileged with a  beautiful coastal landscape, the city of Helvecia stands on the banks of the San Javier River, in the east center of the province of Santa Fe.  It is a key part in the Tourist Corridor de la Costa . Helvecia is situated on RP1, 94 kilometers from the provincial capital. As head of the Garay Department, take advantage of its imposing nature to make it a tourist attraction.  The history of the inactive Floating Dock stands out among its attractions. This work is able to combine in its existence the history and landscape charm that made it a symbol of the town.

Very hit by the famous swings of our rivers, Helvecia suffered many times by floods. In one of the many, in 2004, the beloved pier sank. Seven years later f ue rescued, but could never be re-established, for its profound deterioration. It remained in the memory as an ancient symbol of the city. 

On the outskirts of the city, to the north and always on the banks of the river, is the hunting and fishing club El Halcon. It is the venue of the Provincial and National Festival of Yellow Fishing that takes place every year in the first half of July with competitions, folk  clubs  , dinners and night dances. This year, like almost all major events in the world, could not be held. But the people of Helvecia, always enthusiastic, hope to be able to organize an unforgettable edition in 2021. It is that  all the islanders and coasters of the Santafesino interior are characterized by their festive spirit.  Not surprisingly Santa Fe is one of the provinces with the most important national holidays, of which we tell you many in Ser Argentino.

 Coastal culture and history 

 Islands and creams are another magnificent tourist attraction  of Helvecia. And the cultural route stands out the Historical Museum and the house of Antille. The latter is another Museum, housed in a house from 1886 where the School Workshop N° 7 operates. His collection stands out the bedroom that Domingo Faustino  Sarmiento  used during his presidency and which was brought from the United States. It also exhibits indigenous pottery capable of introducing visitors into local history.  The space surprises with details  and shows that the culture of a village is not only formed of major events, but also integrating every small fact defining the community's lifestyle.

A good accommodation structure and a varied gastronomic offer in dining rooms and restaurants, complete the Helvecia billboard with the right touch to make it unforgettable.

It was a certain Teofilo Romang, through an agreement with the provincial government, who received land to  establish an agricultural colony with foreign families on these lands.  The measurement of the colony was carried out by Don Pedro Branslow along with Romang. Both the founder of the town and the surveyor who made the route, were of the same nationality . They did not hesitate to pay tribute to their country of origin by calling the town  Helvecia, in memory of Switzerland, the Swiss Confederation.

In December 1999, a provincial law was passed naming the building of the aforementioned Workshop School under the name Senator of the Nation Dr. Armando Gerardo Antille. It's just that this official was from Helvecia. The property encompassed the old horizontal  cistern  of its West Courtyard, located on the street that also bears the name of Antille.

 Nice city to meet , Helvecia. In a region marked by the beauties of the rivers, this town adds options in history and culture.

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