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Fish and landscape Santafesino, part 1

One of the main fruits of the Santafesino natural environment is river fish. Specialized dining rooms are presented as real walks of the region.

Santa Fe
Pescado y paisaje

Fish is part of the  typical  cuisine of Santa Fe. Quincho de Chiquito, La Vuelta del Pirata, Papagayo and Punta Sur  are some of the most traditional dining rooms in the province and surroundings . In them you can taste all the variety of river fish. But the habit of going out to eat the fruits of the river is quite a walk. If you're from Santa Fe, you'll have heard about these places. In that sense, we apologize if you feel that other shops should have been named. Of course these four aren't the only ones. But,  without a doubt, they are the most representative . In this sense, those who are outside the urban radio serve precisely as a geographical reference if you choose to go to other children.

To be clearer: going to eat fish  is not equal to going out to eat anywhere . The fact of making the decision to go to a restaurant with these specialties has several specificities. First, book because they are very requested. In addition, they have the particularity of working only on Saturdays and Sundays. And  not everyone does it on a double shift . Then, in time, groups of friends or families agree to find out by how many people the diner will be constituted. When the day comes, everyone is at the appointed  time  at the door of the dining room, which  will already have a table in their name. 

 Gastronomy and tourism that go hand in hand 

No matter which dining room is chosen, the panorama will be the same: a crowded place.  All tables occupied, and at least three shifts of visitors  . If this data makes you doubt to opt for this option and you never did, do not be afraid: it's worth it.

The  experience  of eating fish in Santa Fe will always be worth knowing. In this regard, my recommendation goes. Like I was saying, not everyone opens on a double shift. Many do it only  at noon. My suggestion is to go on that time . It is an ideal proposal to put together a whole day's walk. Since many of these places are in the fifths zones, outside the center,  the circuit is armed by itself . You can go killing while you catch up with the friends who accompany you. And, after eating, you spend the afternoon on the  beautiful shores of rivers los Santafesinos. 

The only one of these traditional spaces that is within the city is the historic Quincho de Chiquito. But, while you don't have to leave the city to get to it, visiting it does not stop involving a whole walk, because it is  located almost “at the end” of the Costanera  Almirante Brown, at the height of 7000. If you arrive to El Quincho from another town, you can take advantage of the imposing monument to Carlos Monzón which is a few meters away. After lunch, you can lower the fish with a walk on the sand. The complex is located a few meters from the Setúbal Lagoon. The dining room is named after a  pioneer  in this area, Agustín Carlos “Chiquito” Uleriche, a character that takes us to another restaurant.

 The other main dining rooms  of this note are just a few kilometers from the center of Santa Fe.  Read the continuation of this note to get to know them. 

Publication Date: 17/10/2020

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