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Casa Arijón: culture in the neighborhood

Casa Arijón is one of the innovative cultural spaces of the main city of Santa Fe. Designed for rosarinos and as an attraction for tourists.

Among Rosario's inexhaustible  offer  for cultural and recreational activities, there is a relatively new space that is gaining popularity. In the  southern part of the main city of Santafesina , more precisely in the Saladillo district, is Casa Arijón.

After refurbishing its building structure, tasks were carried out that were responsible for shoring up this project, through actions that promoted social interest on the large number of activities offered by its agenda. Thus it was possible  to revalue the place  as a space  to house children and adults  , aiming at participation, training and community training.

This space, developed by the Ministry of Innovation and Culture, quickly exhibited signs of improvement, with an innovative cultural proposal, involving and contemplating, first of all, those who live in the neighborhood, hand in hand with a  varied artistic programming , workshops and instances of training.

This building, from its new imprint, won a step of consideration in the collective unconscious of the inhabitants of the populous southern part of the city, which is now considered to be its own.

With nearly 30 workshops available to the community, the annual activities at Casa Arijón include  circus, dance, theater, tango, folklore, yoga, script and textile workshop workshops. 

In addition to lectures and training instances, there is also a program that targets different attractions as the season progresses.  Folklore peñas, live bands and open classes of folklore and popular music are just some of the ideas that can be embodied in Casa Arijón.

 A deserved tribute 

In Rosario, placing culture and art in an important place is a premise that is not negotiated. The emergence of new recreational spaces, houses with training workshops and places to develop shows is constant. Hand in hand with this imprint,  it is common to adapt old buildings for these purposes . Casa Arijón is part of this healthy trend, but also hierarchizes a neighborhood with a lot of history, and the name of someone who did a lot for the city.

Immigrant  Manuel Arijón, arrived from Spain  to undertake major initiatives in Rosario. In 1885 it obtained the qualification of a port for the shipment of fruits of the country calling it Puerto Plaza. It was the exact area where Saladillo neighborhood is today. Considering that these waters were  healing  because they contained iodine salts,  he made a particular spa facility built on the stream  . Immediately, at the request of several families, he built public toilets consisting of pieces and pools. It was quite an innovation in the region. As the turnout grew,  in 1886 , he expanded the swimming pool track with 17 new environments, plus a tambo,  a house that would be his residence and five years later a restaurant called Los Baños.

On this landscape, several outstanding families then decided, during the summer season, to enjoy the much-minded healing waters, settling in opulent mansions.

To understand what Casa Arijón proposes, it is nice what they express from their  website: “Neighbors of the neighborhood can approach without any previous guidelines, with the logic of old neighborhood clubs. A place where you can go when you feel like and time, without having to meet schedules, or account to anyone, because it feels like your own.”  

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