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In a land where beer runs like water, it is no coincidence that one of the largest industrial plants in the whole continent has developed.

Santa Fe

We already told you a lot about  Santa Fe and its tradition  related to beer. It's not about getting heavy, but there is one fact that you might not know: the Santa Fe brewery is a must-see point in the city's tourism.  Its industrial plant is huge  and, in it,  the  best-selling bets are made not only in Argentina, but in several countries.

The  production capacity of the plant is gigantic . Recently, there was a change in the entrepreneur group that manages it. The fact brought together a castling of big beers with another company. Before that modification, the  Santa Fe brewery  had a very particular quality: it was one of the only plants in the world that brewed,  packaged and distributed to the two global beer giants : Budweiser and Heineken. It's crazy! It's like the same plant manufactures Coca and Pepsi or Apple and Samsung.

Visits to the factory are designed for colleges, universities and the general public, are free of charge and can be made from 8:00 to 18:00, to be defined according to the needs of each group.  It is an ideal walk  through the heart of the Santafesina beer soul. The tour ends as it should be, if you are of age, taking a  plain  in the Patio de la Cervecería.

 A flagship company 

This large brewery is  in the heart of Barrio Candioti Sur , one of the ones that grew most in recent years, hand in  hand with the gastronomic boom that had the capital of Santa Fe.

Currently, Dutch women Heineken and Amstel, Mexican Sol and American Miller are made here.  Giants of world beer  leave, every day, to different parts of Argentina and other countries, along with the traditional  Cerveza Santa Fe . 

Our region also has a comparative advantage so that this can be a reality. We have  quality water , which  is key when it comes to brewing a good beer .

In this sense, the  Paraná River , which is characterized by its soft water, with low iron content and without heavy metals (which more oxidizes beer), provides  unbeatable properties for the birrera industry . These qualities of water used in Santa Fe have a remarkable resemblance to those found in the  Plsen  region of Czech Republic, world renowned for its beers.

Do not hesitate: when you are in the capital of Santa Fe, take the tour of the Brewery. You will know history,  secrets  and details of the  most precious thing that we Santafesinos have:  our beer.

 Interest Data 

The visit is with limited places, so we recommend that you arrive half an hour before the start. Always remember to wear long trousers and closed shoes. Please contact 0342 4502201/6123666 to coordinate visits by large groups, learn more or for additional hours during long weekends.

 We suggest you continue reading the following notes: 

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Publication Date: 04/06/2020

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