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Attractions not to be missed in Santa Fe Colonial

Santa Fe is an ancient city in Argentina that preserved part of its colonial past. We'll tell you what you can visit in it.


Santa Fe is a city with a lot ofhistory . Despite the passage of time, the provincial capital retains its old Spanish imprint and colonial past.

It was founded by Juan de Garay in 1573. Its strategic location allows us to understand the territorial planning produced by the Spanish monarchy in America in the 16th and 17th centuries. It was considered as a link city, linking the exit of the Rio de la Plata and Paraguay to Tucumán and Cuyo, Alto Perú and Chile. Due to this condition, in addition to the benefit of a forced port, the merchants and intermediaries of Santa Fe were prosperous thanks to trade. Because of this same condition of liaison, Santa Fe formed a society open to human groups from different backgrounds and cultures.

The colonial past is still maintained present and current in Santafecina society.

Using galleries exterior, separate bell towers from churches, large courtyards with corridors around them, use of wood and tiles, are characteristic features of the architecture of the Litoral that, since Asunción del Paraguay, penetrated into Corrientes, the Guarani Jesuit Missions and Santa Fe to San Lorenzo, appreciably.

Colonial circuit recommended by the municipality for tourists:
  1. Plaza de Mayo: 3 de Febrero and San Martín
  2. Government House : 3 de Febrero and San Martín
  3. Metropolitan Cathedral: General López and San Gerónimo
  4. Church Nuestra Señora de los Miracles: San Martin 1580
  5. College of the Immaculate Concepción and Museum: San Martín 1500
  6. Walk of the Three Cultures: February 3rd and May 25th
  7. Temple, Convent and Museum of San Francisco Francisco: San Martin and Amenábar
  8. House of the Ten of Andino: San Martín 1490
  9. Ethnographic and Colonial Museum Juan from Garay: 25 from May 1470
  10. Parque General Manuel Belgrano
  11. Church Nuestra Señora del Rosario and Convent of Santo Domingo: July 9 and February 3

Publication Date: 10/02/2020

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