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Art and education in Puerto de Santa Fe

A mill in the port was converted into an educational space for the Santafesinos. Music, dance and arts converge in a building that seeks to be an emblem of the city.

Santa Fe
Puerto de Santa Fe

Every  tourist who arrives in the city of Santa Fe  visits, without exception, the Shopping that is located on  Dike 1  of the port. Touring  their businesses, cinemas and food courts.  You can also access the Casino, bordero el Norte and Hotel Los Silos, which offers comfortable and flirty rooms and restaurants.

 The walk along the waterfront that  borders all this construction is a good option  to enjoy a hike in the sun or also to take the Catamaran that runs through the islands and reaches Paraná.

On this coastal promenade, another unexpected landscape opens to the East. It seems to emerge from the waters of the river, showing new and  imposing towers of homes, hotels, nautical clubs and other sports . There emerges a construction that refers to the time of full port activity. We refer to the resignified Dike 2 of the local port.

Upon entering this residential and commercial complex, we receive the building of the  old Marconetti Mill,  founded in Santa Clara de Saguier and then transferred to the port. It was the first flour mill in the region, which originated one of the most important industries and came to produce 6600 bags of flour daily in the first half of the 20th century.  Their contribution to the development of the local economy was fundamental .

 Take advantage of a unique space 

When the mill stopped working,  its entire building structure was abandoned . This was until, in 2014, began the project to recondition the old mill to give shelter to the artistic activities of the  Liceo Municipal  de Santa Fe. This institution, unique of its kind in South America, covers  professional and teaching artistic training  in the schools of Music, Dance, Design and Visual Arts and Children's Aesthetic Expression (the Languages area operates in another recovered building, from which we are working in a new building. we will occupy in another note).

 Almost 1800 students  attend these schools. These add, to the quality of teaching and its teachers, the natural environment of a coastal landscape in which islands, river, vegetation and birds constitute an added value for those who turn their sensitivity to artistic expression.

For the recovery of the building,  large-scale works were carried out, such as ground leveling, installation of basic services, restoration of an annexed premises for artists' dressing room, recovery of the muraría box, replacement of the roof, restoration of openings, exterior enclosures, original beams and angry were maintained, metal structures made of columns.

Interesting is the silos sector, in which the exterior walls were perched to generate ventilation and lighting openings, maintaining from the outside the texture and purity of the cylindrical volumes thereof. All  its value  included the maintenance of the  original façade and style  , as well as the conservation of the central guides.

 More than a mill 

The works were inaugurated in April 2018 and were worthy of the first place in the contest organized by ARQ Clarín and the Argentine Federation of Architects Entities (FADEA), with the aim of recognizing from  Ushuaia  to La Quiaca to the best national architecture of the last decade.

Without a doubt, it is  a worthy building to offer tourists,  to know him, enjoy its characteristics and its enclave in a port that is gaining, in the growing stage of construction in the city, increasingly acceptance for  new ventures. 

Publication Date: 02/09/2020

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By: luisina37 02 September, 2020

Impecable nota. Unplacer de leer por su vocabulario delicado e ilustrativo.

By: Julio De Martini 05 September, 2020

En respuesta a luisina37

muchas gracias

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