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A little-known lagoon

A few kilometers from Venado Tuerto, in the south of Santa Fe, there is a lagoon not very widespread in tourist proposals. A lost paradise.

Santa Fe
laguna El Hinojo Venado Tuerto

To the southwest of the province of Santa Fe, a few kilometers east of the city of  Venado Tuerto , this  mirror of water is unfolded, elongated and with an area close to 250 hectares. The El Hinojo lagoon, that is its name, is part of a system of wetlands located in that area of the province, called Cuenca del Hinojo. It includes glens, lagoons, low and bathed housed in an extensive and narrow depression, upholstered with beautiful reeds that give it a special beauty.

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 Little widespread in the tourist offer santafecina  , the lagoon has all the potential to become a pole of attraction, where various activities can be practiced, related to recreation in contact with the  nature . Every weekend, El Hinojo is visited by dozens of people who flock to its shores for sport fishing. In its waters it is possible to find pejerreyes, catfish and tarariras among other varieties.

For those who, on the other hand, are bird watching lovers the place offers fascinating spaces to contemplate more than 100 spices. Macas and herons, in their white and blackberry varieties for example. And on such walks, if you are stealthy, nature can give away the possibility of admiring pajonal cats, coypos and otters. Everything is possible thanks to careful interpretation paths. It is possible to request a guide to carry out these  activities , with the accompaniment of specific information.

It is accessed by the Venadense Fishing and Nautical Club, which is located south of the water mirror. It is possible to find out about the  activities and walks  that can be done in the sector.

The institution was responsible for forestry with willows, poplars, casuarinas and eucalyptus to provide shade to the entire service area. An attractive mall keeps the access street. On the shores of the lagoon, a willowwood in formation  gives shelter from the sun to  fishermen  .


The Club property has a small canteen, bathrooms, access areas to the lagoon with paths for vehicles and a 650 meters coastline for parking and sport fishing. There is also a pier with jetty and access for vehicles to the coast and sale of bait

Guests can also enjoy grills, barbecue and parasols. In addition, there is a camping area with toilets with shower, laundry room, night lighting and outlets. Its capacity is for 60 tents.

Finally, for those who want to take advantage of the ride to  do sports , there are football courts, volleyball and  croquet . In the lagoon itself, visitors often  practice sailing , rowing, windsurfing and raft rides.

If time is available, we recommend a visit to the Regional Museum of the city. The place is a symbol of National History. The house that belonged to the musician Cayetano  Alberto Silva, creator of the March of  San Lorenzo  , who would execute it for the first time in this place, today declared Historic House.

With the “Combo Venado Tuerto - Laguna El Hinojo”, the south of the province of  Santa Fe  offers  a tourist alternative  to the great Rosario.

 Useful Data 

Lagoon el Hinojo can be reached by an access at kilometer 358 of RN 8. From there a dirt road leads to the Club.

You can also access from Venado Tuerto by dirt roads running around 12 kilometers (from San Martín square) through pleasant rural Pampean landscapes. These are the most suitable for those who decide to go by bike or for those who have more time and desire to venture to a hike.

In all cases it is important to check the condition of the roads first after rainy days.

From Rosario you can access by the RN 33 after traveling 170 kilometers.

Publication Date: 24/04/2020

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By: Mercedes 24 April, 2020

No sabía lo de la casa histórica!! Qué lindo sería conocerla!! Gracias por la información.

By: Julio De Martini 21 May, 2020

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muchas gracias por tu comentario, Mercedes.

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