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4 out of 10 chose Rosario as a destination

The province of Santa Fe is located in the top ten most visited tourist destinations in the country, and Rosario is its most popular city.

The city of  Rosario  is among the most visited in the province. According to data provided by the Ministry of Tourism and Sport of the Nation, 4 out of 10 tourists who arrived in Santa Fe visited Rosario.

On the other hand, the province of the Argentine coast is among the 10 most chosen, according to the ranking of destinations obtained through the Cuidar Verano Certificate. Thus Santa Fe for the first time in its tourist history overcame provinces such as Jujuy, Misiones, Tucumán and Tierra del Fuego.

In the period December 2020 to January 2021, the total number of arrivals to the Province was 145,000 tourists, adding hundreds of thousands of Santafesinos and Santafesinas who vacationed within their own province. The city of Rosario is located with 37% of the total number of national visitors.

It should be remembered that the beginning of the tourist season was December 21, 2020, for all provincial destinations, both for domestic and foreign tourists.

Rosario a safe destination

The Municipality of Rosario worked tirelessly to be a safe option for all tourists who come to it. By complying with all the protocols, it received the Safe Travels seal, awarded by the World Council for Travel and Tourism (WTTC), which ensures that it is a safe destination to receive visitors in the context of a pandemic.

Among the most elected places in summer, are the large parks and green spaces. Another option is to enjoy the river on the northern beaches or cross to the Delta islands. For the afternoon night the cultural move that characterizes the city and its wide gastronomic offer, make it the favorite. In addition, there are spaces specially designed for the little ones such as the Triptych or the Aquarium of the Paraná River, circuits self-guided by emblematic places and you can tour the city from a tourist bus.

Source: Prensa Rosario

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