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What is special about windsurfing in Puerto Deseado

Graceful climatic conditions, the waters of the Ria and an exaggerated landscape make Puerto Deseado, in the province of Santa Cruz, a unique place to practice windsurfing.

Santa Cruz

The city of Puerto Deseado has become the protagonist of the coast of  Santacruceno tourism  despite being in the far south. There is so much to do, that it is valid to think about it for a holiday. For windsurfing, Punta Cascajo the stage to delight in pure excitement and  adrenaline  with this sport that gains followers of all ages.

A walk to happiness

Windsurfing in  Puerto Deseado  has the peculiarity that Ria Deseado offers. In this area circulating air currents are the essential engine that facilitates exceptional emotions of sliding on the sea.


The specialists of this sport, assure that the sector through which winds enter from the west and with the high level, creates unique waves that allow running jumps with the boards and also reach significant speeds for sliding. On the other hand the winds of the south and east allow you to enjoy virtually all conditions.

More and more sports devotees arrive with their sails to Puerto Deseado, to make wave and freestyle, combined the trip with sport and tourism, touring every corner of this town in santacruceña.


What escorts can do in Puerto Deseado

 The Ria Deseado Reserve  is one of the most spectacular tourist attractions offered by the port city. Its natural landscapes are full of faunistic wealth make it a reason to visit thousands of tourists entering the city in search of this wonderful natural spectacle. When one looks like majesty almost hidden, you can't help but spontaneously wonder how it is possible that in so little you can know so much.

The Ria, hides a lot of islands and islets where there is a great multiplicity of coastal birds, marine and mammals, which have that place as a dwelling place to refuge, breed, nesting and feeding.

It is, for example, the only place in Santa Cruz where 5 of the 6 types of cormorants that live in our country nest. They are easy to identify because they are birds with a long neck and tail that have large and wide wings and a thin, curved beak.

In October the Reserve receives hundreds of penguins waiting for the birth of chicks, others instead go to mate. You can also take on board sighting of the toninas overas and enjoy their best acrobatic jumps.

If someone in your family plans is windsurfing in Puerto Deseado, accompany him and sign up to visit, in addition to what is said, the  Petrified Forest Natural Monument, its coastal circuits, its museums and historical sites that invite you to be a destination to enjoy for several days.

Puerto Deseado wet its feet in the sea and hinges to land here, in this space of Patagonia Argentina, a community is waiting to share its most beautiful treasures where the imposing Ria Deseado is one of its most precious jewels.

Publication Date: 07/02/2020

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