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Tips to visit El Chaltén

Regardless of the length of your stay in El Chaltén, we suggest you carefully read each of the following recommendations to enjoy your trip.

Santa Cruz

  Patagonia   is famous for its unstable climate and strong winds during the southern summer. Particularly in the area of  El Chaltén , cloudy or rainy days are frequent in the summer. Temperature contrasts are accentuated due to the proximity of the Southern Continental Ice, so it is important to wear the right clothing.

If you are camping in El Chaltén, you should keep in mind that there are small snowfalls in the months of October, November, March and April. It is recommended to wear footwear for  trekking  and clothed using the layer method (first underwear for evapotranspiration, second coat, and finally a windbreaker).

 Breaking down myths 

This destination is ideal  for hiking lovers , whether it's just a few minutes, several hours or even several days. Most trails pass through gentle slopes that do not represent any difficulty for a person with a “normal” physical state. Except for expeditions and guided ascents,  it is not necessary to possess great endurance  or prior training.

Our body is designed for walking, but the “modern” lifestyle does not always include daily walks in our routine. If you are a person with sedentary habits, we suggest you do at least a few previous walks to be better prepared.

 Things you should NOT forget to bring 

  •  Trekking  shoes (if possible waterproof).
  • Fleece coat (as far as possible with a turtleneck).
  • Waterproof windbreaker (as far as possible with hood).
  • Sun lenses with UV filter.
  • Sunscreen with UV filter (factor 30 or higher).
  • Warm and sun hat.
  • Gloves and warm stockings.
  • Replacement batteries (cold reduces its life)
  • Extra memory cards for your camera or video (you'll want to take a lot of unforgettable memories).

 Source:   Secretary of Tourism of ElChaltén 

Publication Date: 13/11/2019

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