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Three marine parks to visit in Santa Cruz

The Atlantic coast of Santa Cruz has an attractive tourist offer.

While  glaciers  are the main tourist attraction of the province of  Santa Cruz  , but if you head to the East towards the Argentine Sea, the Patagonian territory has an immense coast to be discovered and known.

The attractive santacruceña proposal has  three marine parks  in an area of 800 coastal kilometers that has a variety of native fauna, species and seabirds, places with paleontological material and imposing views.

This is the  Makenke, Monte Leon and Penguin Island marine parks.


The Makenke marine interjurisdictional park, which in Tehuelche means “the new”, is on the coast of the town of  Puerto San Julián  in the corridor of the so-called Blue Route, which transits the Santacruceña coast along RN 3.

It is a property spanning about 71 hectares, where you can see specimens of elephants and  Magellan penguins , which have a large colony in that area.

At 35 kilometers from  Comandante Luis Piedrabuena  is located the Monte León National Park, a space that has 32 kilometers of coastlines and 62 thousand hectares where, in addition to being able to enjoy the fauna of the place, can be found  paleontological vestiges  .


Monte León also houses a large population of fish and colonies of cormorants, gulls, penguins and 20 other species of coastal and marine birds in a landscape of cliffs, islands, rockeries, small bays and beaches.

Penguin Island, meanwhile, is a space that is located 20 kilometers from  Puerto Deseado , nestled in the vastness of the Patagonian coast, where you can see, as well as Magellan penguins, specimens of  yellow tuft penguins , which is what gives it added value to the place.


On the other hand, this ecoregion is made up of the islands Chata, Castillo, Blanca -in addition to the one that gives the name to the park, Penguino- and there you can  see more than nine species of seabirds such as albatross, petrels, Antarctic and Chilean scoos, gray cormorants and rockers, and Southern and South American seagulls.  


During the tours also allow you to enjoy the coexistence of these birds with sea lions and elephants and observe southern dolphins and overas tonines.


The marine space consists of high cliffs, islands, rockeries, small bays and restingas beaches with a cold sea that houses an important population of fish and colonies of cormorants, gulls and other 20 species of coastal and marine birds.

 Cities also offer their own 

Makenke, Monte Leon and Penguino Island are located in the vicinity of Puerto San Julián, Comandante Luis Piedrabuena and Puerto Deseado, respectively, locations that also offer a tourist proposal for visitors.


 Puerto San Julián, with an immeasurable historical value, is the place where Fernando de Magellan's fleet arrived at the dawn of the 16th century . In that place the first mass was held in the national territory. In the city you can find the Nao Victoria themed museum which is a full-scale replica of that boat, which anchored on March 31, 1520 in Saint Julian with the Magellanic fleet.


Commander Luis Piedrabuena, meanwhile, is a place chosen by  fishermen , who reach that town of about seven thousand inhabitants in search of steelhead trout in the Chico and Santa Cruz rivers.


Finally, in  Puerto Deseado , history and nature come together in a combo for all tastes, the  Ria Deseado , a unique place in South America due to its geological characteristics, is a very visited spot.


In addition, you can visit the old railway station, and the Mario Brozoski Regional Museum, where you can find elements of the Swift Corvette, a frigate that shipwrecked in 1770 between Puerto San Julián and Deseado by the strong Patagonian winds.



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