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It is precisely in those places where the most amazing things happen. Like what happens in Lake Strobel, in the province of Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz

In our country we have wonderful, unique corners, places that are unparalleled elsewhere in the world. Large portions of our territory remain almost uninhabited and with landscapes that seem to be stopped in time. It is precisely in those places where the most amazing things happen. Like what happens in  Lake Strobel, in the province of  Santa Cruz .  Lake Strobel is also known as  Lake Jurassic , due to the prehistoric landscapes that surround it and, above all, to an animal that seems to come from another era: there they are located the largest specimens of  rainbow trout in the world. How big? Trout of  4 or 5 kilos are common currency and it is possible to find some up to  12 kilos . A real paradise for  fishing enthusiasts. Most fishermen who get there leave with the best prize: a personal  record . The size of the  trout guarantees that satisfaction to those who approach this inhospitable site, which promises great adventures and long  fishing days framed in a unique atmosphere.  Lake Strobel is the ideal option to take a few days off, disconnect and, of course, that vice that, for many, is a way of life.

Publication Date: 25/06/2018

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By: El Xeneize 14 August, 2020

Excelente posta!

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