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Cañadón Paintings, beauty santacruceña

Portal Cañadón Pinturas is a place for hiking and watching native fauna and flora.

Santa Cruz
donde queda El Portal Cañadón Pinturas

 Portal Cañadón Pinturas  is one of the accesses to  Parque Patagonia   , in the province of Patagonia  Santa Cruz ; is located near the  Cueva de las Manos , one of the eleven World Heritage sites that has the country. It is a place to go hiking and watching native fauna and flora.


We will not go into the beauties of  Patagonia Park  because the offer is already long and extensively explained; also because the Cañadón Pinturas portal offers more than proximity to the cave: for the first time he has a team of 5 local guides, and also with a relatively new venture in the area.


One of them is Facundo Epul, 25 years old and native to the   Santacruceña   town of Perito Moreno. Two years ago he did an ideal guide course, and specialized in animals, because it's something that always caught his attention: “I thought I'd like to do something with this. I proposed it to the foundation and he got the idea for them. We started on December 28 and we have more than 50 visitors. We offer different experiences: from midday wildlife watching, full day, night sighting and   trekking   to Cuevas de las Manos, where we do bird watching,” he says.

where is El Portal Cañadón Pinturas

Two hour hikes, closer to noon or a whole day, about 7 hours: “In that case we take a vianda and take advantage of the day from early. But we also do at night, we travel the vehicular road and if we find fauna we use a flashlight with a special red light to inhabit fauna; that allows us to see them without affecting their behavior. The other day, for example, we saw some gray fox puppies playing, two puma puppies with the mother walking. These are activities that did not exist before, because wildlife watching is very new in the area,” says the guide.


It is a nice experience of a network of more than 16 kilometers of trails, from panoramic precordilleran views, to deep cañadones or lands of various colors. The natural habitat of animals that wander around: shocks and guanacos and pumas, species that protects the foundation.


The visit to Cañadón Pinturas can be done without the guide service, but that means missing the history of the place, how to advance it, where and how animals live and eat: from a trace or remains of them, you can try to build the hunt and what happened there.


From there you can also access sites more recognized for their archaeological importance: the Cueva de las Manos Provincial Park and Alero Charcamata, which yes or yes should go with a guide.


The pandemic also made people choose outdoor spaces, from respiration between mountains and precordilleran beauties, such as this, which is located to the northwest of the southern province. Provincial neighbors, from  El Calafate ,  Río Gallegos , but also n from   Chubutense cities   such as  Comodoro Rivadavia   and  Rada Tilly  (is 450 kil distance ometers), and also from  Buenos Aires .


At Portal Cañadón Pinturas there is a haven for tourists to stay and eat, an observatory of stars and, in the near future, there will be a camping space. Ready for more provincial, national and foreign tourists, to enjoy the various beauties offered by this destination that, being newborn in promotion, does not mean that it is not really splendid: faunas, flora, panoramic views and closeness to history, to the same time you enjoy hiking surrounded by nature in its purest state. If you are thinking of escaping for a weekend or I still have the holidays pending, write down this great destination.

Publication Date: 08/03/2021

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