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Argentina, among the 25 worldwide destinations according to National Geographic

The travel magazine Traveler, edited by the National Geographic Society, includes the Glaciers National Park as a destination to visit in 2021.

Santa Cruz
parque nacional los glaciares

The editors of the prestigious international publication Traveler placed Los Glaciares National Park, an icon of Patagonia, as one of the great attractions to visit and enjoy next year.

After 2020 has paralyzed the world as a result of the pandemic, 2021 promises to be the opposite and international tourists already show enthusiasm to return to travel.

Looking ahead, the editors of  National Geographic Traveler  designed a list of 25 places to dream and visit in the coming year. They were divided into five sections: Sustainability, Culture and History, Nature, Family and Adventure.

Precisely, in the Adventure section, the outstanding publication recommended visiting  Los Glaciares National Park  in the Province of Santa Cruz, in Patagonia. Less than 2 hours from El Calafate — the closest city to the park and one of Argentina's main tourist destinations — this protected area is an icon of world tourism.

Once there, visitors can stump into the famous Perito Moreno Glacier, which has the privilege of being the most accessible, as it can be seen and watched by walking along modern and easy to travel walkways. In addition, it allows the possibility of trekking on your ice in one of the most incredible experiences in the Park.

“ Glaciers are just some of the many natural wonders that our country has to offer, this proposal from National Geographic motivates us to continue to improve our destinations and generate more and better offers for world tourism to visit us and stay eager to return ,” he summarized the executive secretary of  INPROTUR , Ricardo Sosa.

But not everything is Perito Moreno. Other wonderful glaciers such as the Spegazzini or Uppsala can be seen up close by navigating Lake Argentino.

The city of El Calafate also has very good options such as a walk along the waterfront, Avenida del Libertador - the main artery, ideal for shopping or eating an exquisite Patagonian lamb, Laguna Nimez ecological reserve, Cerro Huyliche and much more.

In addition, El Calafate is usually the ideal base to visit El Chalten, a neighbouring town just over 2 hours, and known for being the National Capital of Trekking.


Publication Date: 16/12/2020

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