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A unique experience in Santa Cruz

El Calafate in autumn is an ideal place for the senses to enjoy in full, we explain why.

Santa Cruz
que hacer en el calafate

With proposals to enjoy nature and urban, El Calafate is a safe destination to enjoy autumn. This Patagonian destination is known as the  National Capital of Los Glaciares , and is positioned as a place where it is possible to be part of the landscape and allow yourself to experience unique and exciting experiences.

what to do in el Calafate

Its name refers to a prickly shrub of yellow flowers in spring and whose summer purple fruits are used in various gastronomic preparations typical of the region. The city is part of a larger area that includes a more important area at tourist level of approximately 650 km2, in which the most imposing scenic samples of Southern Patagonia Argentina are concentrated.

By the waters that caress the soul

Among the most significant activities, in addition to the traditional visits to the vicinity of the Perito Moreno Glacier, it is possible to experience the navigations to access the magical treasures of Los Glaciares National Park. One of them starts at the  Port “Bajo las Sombras” , 7 km from the Mirador del Glacier, from there the boat runs through the Rico Brazo del Lago Argentino allowing you to appreciate the icebergs of beautiful blue tones, and landslides that occur on the south face of the  Perito Moreno Glacier  .


No less attractive is the exit from Puerto Moreno, located at the foot of the footsteps of the coastal promenade, on the  Canal de los Tempanos , from there, you sail to see the ice ruptures of the North Wall of the Glacier, while the high height of its front walls hallucinates tourists for its shocking magnitude.


Another visual impact proposed by the navigation of this tourist destination is in one of the most colorful places in  Los Glaciares National Park , the Seno Mayo del Lago Argentino, this is one of the most humid sectors of the Park, and therefore the vegetation is unique and can be seen in two areas. hikes that enhance the experience to the fullest, waterfalls, rivers, hanging glaciers, an unparalleled experience that enchants every visitor.


Following these spectacular options on the water, the  Todo Glaciares excursion, part of Puerto Punta Bandera, 47 km from the city, on this multi-hour tour, you can see the Uppsala and Spegazzini Glaciers, entering the bays that they make up, visualize the cord& oacute; n of icebergs located 14 km from Upsala Glacier, leaves visitors breathless by the amazing views, a navigation between spectacular icebergs of enormous sizes and shapes, walks through the forest, end up forming an alternative to know the corners of Patagonia.

The stone past in Cerro Huyliche

The orography of El Calafate undoubtedly presents privileged places for 4x4 tours, ascending to various hills and contemplating the imposing Cordillera de los Andes. The climb to the  Huyliche mountain range, offers in addition to the panoramic view of El Calafate and the Argentino Lake, the possibility of visiting the Stone Labyrinth of the Mexican Sombreros, a 35 km route on the Cerros line located behind the town.

what to do in el calafate

Also climbing the  Cerro Huyliche , you can access the Balcones de Calafate, to observe the erratic blocks, with an exceptional panoramic view at 900 meters high. You can also climb to the Upper Balcony from where you can see all the arms of Lake Argentino, including the South Brazo, and on a beautiful clear day you can see the Cerro Fitz Roy perfectly. Here it is possible to combine with a trekking overlooking the lake on the North Face, with local guide, and experience the Earth's past in a Cretaceous valley with strange and unique geological formations, coming into contact with nature and pure air in height. One of the most impressive adrenaline options is the zipline descent in an exclusive 2,920 metre long five-line zipline circuit, flying over the mountain only as the condors can do, an active experience all year round.


Lakes, caverns, cave figures, fauna and Patagonian steppe, ideal for the interpretation of marine fossils; and sightings, which discover the delicate balance of the regional ecosystem that varies as it takes height above sea level.

Urban and peri-urban proposals

 The Calafate  also presents alternatives in its urban radius and surroundings, with attractive activities that enhance and complement every tourist day in this corner of Argentina; a city tour allows you to explore the Walichu Caves  , the city and its surroundings, to admire the city and its surroundings. spades and first constructions of the pioneers, the Redonda Bay with the birdlife of the place, and a visit to the Historical Interpretation Center, a tour through the prehistory and history of the area.


The visit to the  Laguna Nimez Reserve , is another option, a place of conservation of birds, housing great diversity both residents and migratory, has an interpretive trail of 3 km of easy route to spot and photograph nature in its purest state.


Another compulsory experience is the visit to the  Glaciarium Museum , an interactive and educational visual experience of Patagonian Ice and the glaciers of the region, with its thematic areas, scenic and light effects, enters the ice world, the Land of Glaciers.


Yeti Ice Bar is an ice bar located in the city center. It enters a cold before chamber, with an average temperature of +5° C that serves to prepare and thus acclimatize gradually to the temperature below zero. Inside the Yeti cave visitors will experience temperatures from -8° to -12°. With the entrance includes thermal layers, gloves and crampons.

Source: Press Municipality of El Calafate


Publication Date: 10/04/2021

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