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5 excursions to do in El Chalten

An ideal place for mountain lovers and hiking.

Santa Cruz
el calafate santa cruz patagonia argentina

El Chaltén is known worldwide for the majestic Cerro Fitz Roy and for being the  National Capital of Trekking  in Argentina. Declared in 1994, for the wide variety of trails suitable to develop this activity. There are various circuits with degrees of difficulty, from low to high physical demand. It is an ideal place for mountain lovers and hiking. It is located southwest of the province of Santa Cruz, 90 kilometers from the mythical Route 40, after traveling the entire extension of Lake Viedma by an asphalt road, you get up to El Chaltén.

1. Mirador del Torre

the calafate santa cruz patagonia argentina

It is a low-difficulty hike through the Fitz Roy river valley to the famous panoramic viewpoint of the Solo hills, Adela Cordón and Cerro Torre massif. The oteador is halfway to Laguna Torre. There are two trail headboards that depart from El Chaltén and are unified 5 minutes from its start. Through the path you enter the valley, reaching the gorge of the Fitz Roy river where the Mirador Margarita is located. It is possible to enjoy a panoramic view of the Margarita Waterfall. After an hour and a half you will reach the Del Torre viewpoint, with a sign of the National Park. The view is privileged: a panoramic view of the Adela cord, Cerro Torre and the granite needles that accompany it.

2. Capri Lagoon

the calafate santa cruz patagonia argentina

It is a hike that leads to a viewpoint where it is possible to contemplate a beautiful blue water lagoon surrounded by a native forest. As well as a fantastic view of the Fitz Roy massif. The slope is quite steep, especially during the first hour of walking. You can access a natural viewpoint of the valley of the river De las Vueltas, where you can see beautiful views. From the lagoon you have a unique view of Fitz Roy and its peripheral needles, a place that offers us one of the classic postcards of El Chaltén.

3. Chorrillo del Salto

the calafate santa cruz patagonia argentina

It is a relatively easy and short walk where you reach a beautiful low hillside forest, until you reach a beautiful waterfall of more than 20 meters high. It is right on the last stretch of Arroyo del Salto, before its mouth into the river De las Vueltas. The distance of this walk is less than 4 Km from El Chaltén.

4. Fold Lying

the calafate santa cruz patagonia argentina

It offers one of the most spectacular panoramic views of Patagonia. The tour begins where a small tranquera indicates two paths: to the left the trail to the viewpoints Los Cóndores and Las Aguilas, and to the right towards the Please Tumbado and Laguna Toro /Paso del Viento. This trail has an always ascending slope of approximately 1100 meters in total, until you reach the viewpoint located about 1500 meters above sea level. After an hour of starting the road, you cross a plain called Pampa De las Carretas, from where you can see the imposing hill Huemul, to the south Lake Viedma and to the northwest the beauty of the Andes unfolds where Cerro Torre and Cerro Chaltén are observed. The trail then goes into a paradisiac forest. The last part reaches the Mirador del Please Tumbado, which offers a breathtaking view of the mountains in the area of El Chalten. The top of the Please Tumbado demands one more hour of walking, ascending another 280 meters of slope from the viewpoint with a fairly steep slope; the top offers a wonderful 360-degree panoramic view.

5. Petrified Forest La Leona

the calafate santa cruz patagonia argentina

It is characterized by a deposit of petrified trunks and fossil bones in an extraordinary eroded landscape. The place is located in the steppe right halfway between El Calafate and El Chaltén. The tour starts departing from this last town to the La Leona Hotel. After another 10 km you reach Cerro Los Hornos. It is possible to contemplate a great depression of the terrain where the petrified trunks are and begins the exploration walk between the fossils. Throughout the march there are a large number of petrified logs, about 70 million years old, testimony to ancient times where the climate was very different.


El Chaltén offers a wide variety and diversity of attractions for those who love to be in touch with nature. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful destinations in Argentina, as well as one of the most characteristic destinations in Patagonia. A stay of 3 to 4 days is recommended to be able to visit different attractions of the destination and its surroundings. In addition to hiking along the paths of the National Park and neighboring mountains, it is possible to hire other organized excursions from the village, especially adventure tourism activities within and around the National Park.

Publication Date: 04/05/2021

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