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What is particularly about windsurfing in Puerto Deseado

The graceful climatic conditions, the waters of the Ria and an exaggerated landscape make Puerto Deseado, in the province of
Santa Cruz
| 07 February, 2020 |

The city of Puerto Deseado has become a protagonist of Santacrucian coastal tourism despite being in the far south. There is so much to do there, that it is valid to think of it for a holiday. For windsurfing, Punta Cascajo the stage to delight in pure excitement and adrenaline with this sport that wins fans of all ages.

A walk to happiness

Windsurfing in Puerto Deseado has the peculiarity offered by the Ria Deseado. In this area, the air currents that circulate are the essential engine that facilitates exceptional emotions of sliding over the sea.


Specialists of this sport, assure that the sector through which the winds enter from the west and with the high tide creates unique waves that support running jumps with the tables and also reaching significant speeds for sliding. On the other hand, the winds of the south and the east allow you to enjoy virtually all conditions.

More and more devotees of sport that arrive with their sails to Puerto Deseado, to wave and freestyle, combined travel with sport and tourism, touring every corner of this town of Santacruceña.


What the escorts can do in Puerto Deseado

The Ria Deseado Reserve is one of the most spectacular tourist attractions offered by the port city. Its natural landscapes are crammed with richness of fauna make it a reason to visit thousands of tourists who enter the city in search of this wonderful natural spectacle. When one glimpses such majesty almost hidden, one cannot help but wonder spontaneously how it is possible that so much can be known in so little.

The Ria, hides a lot of islands and islets where there is a great multiplicity of coastal birds, sea birds and mammals, who have that place as their dwelling place for shelter, reproduce, nesting and feeding.

It is, for example, the only place in Santa Cross where they nest 5 of the 6 types of cormorants living in our country. Is easy to identify them because they are long-necked and long-tailed birds that have large and wide wings and a thin, curved beak.

In October the Reserve receives hundreds of penguins waiting for the birth of chicks, others instead, go to mate. You can also make onboard sighting of the overas and enjoy your best acrobatic jumps.

If in the plans of someone from your family is windsurfing in Puerto Deseado, here

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