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The Perito Moreno Glacier

This incredible mass of live ice, since this year is part of the global platform of New7Wonders.
| 04 December, 2019 |

Visiting the Perito Moreno Glacier in the province of Santa Cruz is an experience to live as many times as you can. This wonderful mass of living ice seduces the visitor in an incredible way.

What the tourist can imagine in the 78 kilometers of travel from the city of El Calafate to Los Glaciares National Park, where the glacier is found, it is simply little compared to what is experienced in that experience.

The journey from the access to Lake Argentino is endless for people with excessive anxiety. With intelligence, the National Park authorities have installed two viewpoints before arriving to calm the craving. Instead, and as you descend along the long walkways offering various observation points, you can feel the resolve of the Perito Moreno glacier in the faces. Giant pieces of ice that have come off, float in the lake like small icebergs.

Unlike most glaciers in the world that are retiring, El Perito Moreno is unusual as it is stable. As it loses mass at its terminal, where it meets the vivid turquoise waters of Lake Argentino, it also continues to grow at its origin.

Seeing the glacier from elevated platforms, the tourist cannot fully capture its immense size. It is 30 kilometers long, and covers a total of 250 square kilometers. Higher than the size of the City of Buenos Aires. However, what you can experience is how active it is.

Those who have patience will get what they want and so is the case in this region of the world. You just have to sit down and watch the giant mass of ice. Earlier than later, large chunks of the glacier will fractured and break before the eyes of the visitor. The process will result in a rattling roar when they crash into the lake. It’s surreal and wonderful.

One of the excursions takes a catamaran tour of its entire north face. As the vessel approaches the 70-meter-high ice wall, the feeling of finitude seizes the spectators.

Above, there are blades of clouds behind the icy peaks. The ship’s captain explains that the road changes daily. Just visit him two days in a row to realize that he is alive in his own way.

There are also trekking tours that lead to walks through parts of the glacier, surrounded by the beautiful Patagonian landscape of forests and

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