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The Footprint of the Glaciers: a path to walk through two countries

In Patagonia there is a binational path where there is much to see. Impressive glaciers, lakes, lagoons and the Patagonian
Santa Cruz
| 24 February, 2020 |

The Glacier Footprint is a new alternative for walkers around the world. Its characteristics are unique. It is the first binational trail with a 120 km stretch of unmatched beauty.

The trail has 7 stages of daily walks. On the way you can enjoy beautiful views in protected areas such as Lake Viedma of Los Glaciares National Park. Also the Lago del Desierto Provincial Reserve and, on the Chilean side, the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park. The tour begins in El Chaltén. It lasts 7 nights and 8 days, and you can stay overnight in the various hostels and approved camps.

This sightseeing tour is intended for all visitors of the world who arrive in Patagonia amazed by its landscapes. Through this attractiveness is also sought to preserve the natural and sustainable state of the entire area. On site it is forbidden to set fire, enter with pets and there are suitable places to leave the waste.

Trekking in two countries

This new joint territorial experience links impressive glaciers of the Southern Ice Field on both sides of the Cordillera. The Footprint Glaciares is a pedestrian bridge that connects two countries, through walks daily self-guided. The trail south of the Carretera Austral in Chile with Route 40 in Argentina. A unique journey between forests, lakes and glaciers.

Los Glaciares National Park is a protected area declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1981. In the North area it has an extensive network of trails with varying degrees of difficulty. On the other hand, the Lago del Desierto Provincial Nature Reserve was created in 2006. It protects hanging glaciers such as Huemul, Vespigiani and Sepúlveda and connects the two largest national parks in both countries. The glaciers on Argentine soil and Bernardo O’Higgins in Chilean territory.

The Footprint of the Glaciers is one of the most pristine places in the Patagonia. You can feel the nature, the South Ice field winds and the towering mountains like Fitz Roy. Complementing the experience of the Great O’Higgins Glacier. With 3 kilometers of front, it is one of the largest in Southern Patagonian Ice Field.

El chalten

A bonus: Desert Lake

Lake Desierto is a lake located in the department Argentine Lake of the province of Santa Cruz. On the Argentine side, but in vicinity of the border with Chile, is a landscape of a beauty spectacular. A high forest of lengas and ñirs of an intense green with a view of Fitz Roy and Torre massifs.

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