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Glaciers Footprint, the circuit you haven’t done yet.

The province of Santa Cruz, in its quest to increase tourist offers, has launched a unique hiking circuit in our
Santa Cruz
| 14 February, 2020 |

Huella de Glaciares is a long, binational hiking experience since it connects Santa Cruz with the Aysén region of Chile. It also implies a unique community rural tourism experience, in which both the tourist and the host are enriched. This happens because hiking is an activity of low impact on the environment and that develops forgotten communities.

The design of this 8 days and 7 nights tour is really wonderful. It has taken into account all the key factors such as good design, excellent maintenance and the existence of basic services (quality information available, accommodation), together with good signage and on-site orientation to the hiker, as well as excellent pocket mapping material.

Why isn’t it trekking?

The difference with trekking lies in the difficulty of the routes and, in order to make them, being a sport modality, it requires a certain degree of physical preparation and autonomy (guidance techniques and appropriate equipment, among other things). Hiking can be practiced by anyone who is used to walking and also by cyclists. It does not require the use of mountain techniques or equipment.

El chalten El chalten

The Circuit

The circuit of Glaciers Footprint consists of 7 stages , considered the minimum units of daily walking, crossing a geographical space full of values natural and culturalheritage contained in 5 protected areas, namely:

  • Sectional Lake Viedma del PN Los Glaciares,
  • Desert Lake Provincial Reserve,
  • BernardoO’Higgins National Park ,
  • Continental Ice Field in its southern portion in Argentina and North in Chile.

Day 1 – Departure from El Chaltén to Laguna Torre

A full-day walk of low difficulty. The path enters the valley of the Fitz Roy River and continues upstream to the source . 15 minutes from the start, you reach a gazebo located in a gar

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