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You have to know this in Merlo, San Luis

In the northeast of the province, Villa de Merlo is the star destination of San Luis and the first in environmental quality in the country.

San Luis
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Villa de Merlo, in the province of San Luis rests on the Sierras de los Comechingones, has solemn landscapes and a microclimate that is world-famous, is one of the three cities in the world with that characteristic. What favors activities such as hiking, horseback riding, cycling, photographic safari, rappelling, zip line, sport climbing, mountain biking, rural tourism, mining, archaeological and flora and fauna recognition, among many others.

Particular viewpoints in the mountains

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The best panoramic views of Villa de Merlo and the Conlara Valley are obtained from different observation points: Peñón del Colorado, Cabeza de Indio, de la Amistad, and the most famous: Mirador del Sol and Filo de la Sierra. El Filo, less than 20 km from Villa de Merlo, is one of the most beautiful excursions in the destination. The tour follows the faldeo de los Comechingones and passes through the Mirador del Sol — a meeting place for local artisans — until reaching the summit. From its 2,200 meters above sea level you can see the entire Conlara Valley and, of a clouds, also the Calamuchita Valley, in Córdoba.

Those Serranos Streams

Clear-water streams flowing down the western slopes are an essential part of Villa de Merlo's charm. The Pasos Malos stream has one of the most important natural resorts of the destination: it is located just 6 km from the center of the village and its panoramic views combined with its crystal clear waters is another of the main attractions of the place. When you go back to the river in the direction of the mountains, you reach the Forgotten waterfall, a natural water jump of 15 meters, which passes through numerous water wells where you can swim and cool off. Piedra Blanca, El Pantanillo and El Molino are other illicit streams. Above the latter you can see the spectacular El Tabaquillo waterfall, 18 meters.

Mogote Bayo Nature Reserve

mogote bayo

The reserve is a protected area of 330 hectares at the foot of the mountains protects vital resources, springs and a large number of species of flora and fauna. It is a provincial nature reserve in the northeast of the province that has two distinct areas: one at the entrance to Salto del Tabaquillo and another at the entrance to Mogote Bayo, on the way to the Via Crucis. It is administered by the Green Spaces Foundation.

It is an ideal place to visit as a family. Not suitable for people with reduced mobility. It has trails, a mountain botanical garden with preserved species, an amphitheater, a center of interpretation of nature. It can be done walking or cycling to observe the native flora and fauna. A feature of the reserve is that it has different microclimates due to the surrounding mountains and watercourses and its location at more than 1100 meters above sea level. This in turn means that different subtropical species can be found in forests. In addition, there are streams and springs where tourists can swim. Finally, it is possible to see the Andean condor. Also the famous tobacco, a typical yungas tree.

The Algarrobo grandfather

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In a splendid park you will find this extraordinary white carob tree. Its trunk has a diameter of more than two meters, and its crown has a diameter of 26 meters. According to botanical studies, his age would be between 800 and 1000 years. This Provincial Historical Monument is located in a property, in Piedra Blanca, which belonged to the Agüero family. Place where the local poet Antonio Esteban Agüero lived who wrote a Cantata del Algarrobo Abuelo. The poet, born in Piedra Blanca in 1917, was an ecologist who valued the land, its roots and plants, enhancing his interest in nature, birds and trees. The place where the specimen is located, surrounded by the song of birds and the sound of the wind, is of great beauty.

Source: Tourism Secretary of Villa de Merlo

Publication Date: 14/12/2020

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