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Winter holidays: Villa de Merlo, an option for the family

Villa de Merlo offers different activities, in natural environments, suitable for the whole family. An option for winter holidays.

San Luis
Vacaciones de invierno Villa de Merlo

The Villa de Merlo in  San Luis  is already preparing to welcome travelers who come on winter holidays from different parts of the country. members of the family (including  four-legged ).

A wonderful natural environment, a healing microclimate,  different proposals for  recreation and the warmth of its inhabitants. Villa de Merlo is an alternative for family tourism during winter rest.

What to do in Merlo

From the youngest to the biggest can do some of the activities and adventure proposals. Bike tours,  horseback riding, hiking on mountain roads, rock climbing,  zip line  and cross a suspension bridge in height, among others.

The quieter also have options to have fun. Visit the panoramic viewpoints of the Villa, at more than two thousand meters high. They allow you to discover the unique views of  the Conlara Valley . There are also attractive cultural circuits, which highlight the different museums and the  artisan promenade.

 Gastronomic tourism  continues to grow and Merlo is not far behind.  tea , for the break of the snack, even the most varied gastronomy, the taste says present in this Puntana city.

In Merlo, the day is not over. In the evening, the place also offers different alternatives to continue enjoying, with evening excursions. Every night the Planetarium offers an activity of knowledge, explanation and sighting of the night sky from the foot of the mountain ranges with professional telescopes. In the meantime, sensory astrotourism excursions are offered. They propose to observe the stars and constellations and rediscover the mountains in the  light of the moon .

In addition, the resort villa is  Pet Friendly . In Merlo it is possible to spend holidays with four-legged friends. Several accommodations and restaurants accept the company of pets. There are even activities specially designed for  dogs , such as the proposal of Trekking dog, which consists of a relaxed walk between mountain caminitos.

Source: Voy de viaje

Publication Date: 21/07/2019

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