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Why so many choose Villa de Merlo

Villa de Merlo, one of the best landscapes in Argentina, offers safe tourism and high environmental quality.

San Luis
que hacer en villa de merlo

The city of  Villa de Merlo , is located in the northeast of the province of San Luis and offers a special microclimate for its visitors and tourists, as it is considered the third best microclimate of the world. The villa puntana is at its best to be visited, since during the summer it is adorned with greens of different shades, which welcome the visitor with the music of its mountain streams with crystal clear and dancing waters for the enjoyment of adults and boys. Similarly, the destination offers adventure activities in the heart of nature, an unparalleled gastronomic offer, a place where natural and cultural are combined in a fresh and spontaneous way.

Why is it a safe destination

Villa de Merlo has all the necessary services to spend a comfortable stay, with high quality services and a wide range of activities to do. In addition, the destination has the seal of distinction  “Safe Travel”,  which supports it as a safe tourist destination, prepared to protect tourists at every moment and experience to live. The villa allows you to experience nature and culture in a balanced way, being an extraordinary combination for family, couple or to enjoy with friends.

To enter the province of San Luis, you only need the ID, with the Cuidar  - Verano application, where the form must be completed, indicating the number of nights booked. Similarly, the province has the Trazar application, where the ID is scanned, to have the traceability of tourists and citizens.

All this you can do in Villa de Merlo

what to do in villa de merlo

 Hiking , just a few minutes from the center, low difficulty circuits allow you to experience experiences to connect with nature and enjoy it on foot.

 Trekking , also hikes with a medium/high degree of difficulty, allow access to waterfalls and hills with incredible panoramic views. It is always suggested in this activity, you have the supervision of an active tourism provider, something essential to make the most of the experience.

 Cycle tourism , the city has several sectors with bike paths and cycle tracks that allow you to pedal with all the safety. The destination offers guided trips, on electric bikes, or with bikes for mountain biking circuits.

 Observation of flora and avifauna , there are more than two hundred species of birds, making Villa de Merlo an ideal destination for lovers of this activity. In addition, the city of the third microclimate in the world has a flora of great diversity from carob forests, quebracho, to species that only grow in height such as tobacco.

 Activities with ropes , for lovers of adventure and climbing adrenaline, there are zip lines arranged in different heights, rappelling next to the renowned Tabaquillo jump, and much more.

 Astrotourism , is another favorite activity due to its pollution-free, clean and clear sky that allows the observation of stars and planets. There are travel agencies that offer night excursions to the main viewpoints of the village serrana, as well as open-air observatories, which combine scientific talk with observations through mobile telescopes.

 Visit to Algarrobo Abuelo , in Piedra Blanca Abajo is the imposing Algarrobo Abuelo, with an approximate age of 1200 years old, witness to major events in the area, and also source of inspiration from the Poet Antonio Esteban Agüero. Continuing from the Algarrobo estate, about 3 km to the west, is the Fraterno Vineyard, there are guided tours and wine tasting.

what to do in villa de merlo

Hake flavors that surprise with their aroma and textures

Villa de Merlo has a varied gastronomic offer, characterized by dishes created with regional products that bear the hallmark of renowned aromatic herbs, roasted meats and traditional preparations, gourmet proposals, wines and craft beers, as well as the most exquisite sweets, preserves and breads.

what to do in villa de merlo

Proof of this is the renowned restaurant of  Campo No Tire Godoy , a restaurant and parador that integrates the Pasos Malos circuit, the gastronomic route par excellence of the town puntana. It is an emblematic point at the foot of the Sierra de los Comechingones. The name itself draws attention, but behind the name the story is even more curious. It all started with a litigation over some lands, between the Godoy and Romero families, who even came to arms to settle the lawsuit. One would put a wire and the other would cut it at night. When a journalist and a cameraman from America TV arrived at the scene to record what was happening, they were received by gunshots. The envoy began to shout “No Pull Godoy,” and the phrase was minted as the name of the restaurant. “Everyone on the ground, don't pull Godoy, I'm not Romero, I'm on TV... I'm Facundo Pastor.”

Roasted meats, one of the most representative preparations in the city is the chivito a las llamas, but also an offer of innovative recipes with this meat that for a few years can be found as filling pasta, empanadas, or also baked in clay or disc oven.

 Craft beer , with more than ten producers in the city and area, merlina craft beer has become a highly sought-after product. In 2018, brewers carried out the first harvest of local hops, thus developing a product with a 100% merlino flavor.

 Wines , there are vineyards with an exceptional view of the Sierras de Comechingones, where organic wines are produced, with varieties awarded in the main quality competitions nationwide.

Bakery, Pastry, Chocolates and Alfajores, the traditional taste of homemade breads, tablets and products that are part of the local identity, combined with fine pastry delights, influences from European pastry in a mixture with the flavors of Merlinos.

 Sweet and Conservas , with producers dedicated to the artisanal production of sweets, syrup and spirits that have been awarded nationally, Villa de Merlo is positioned as the venue for the National Festival of Dulzura.

 Tea houses , in the most picturesque areas of the city are the teahouses, offering the best of pastry, sweets and homemade breads and the most delicious and aromatic tea blends.

 Aromatic herbs , there are in the city some micro-enterprises of agroecological crops of aromatic plants, production of seedlings, harvesting and processing of dry leaves for infusion and condiments, which offer guided tours.

A journey into history, through the Yucat theme park, a trip back in time to the Comechingón Village.  Yucat Theme Park  is a tourist and cultural venture that recreates the life of the first inhabitants of the Conlara Valley before the arrival of the Spaniards in the 16th century.

In this way,  Villa de Merlo combines the natural with the cultural, offering the best of its landscape with the warmth of its people, a unique combination in a microclimate that helps to take care of health, as the pure air of the mountains is felt at every moment.


Publication Date: 03/02/2021

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