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Villa de Merlo is a privileged balcony to see the eclipse of sun

Villa de Merlo prepares to welcome visitors who come to enjoy the eclipse of sun that will take place on July 2.

San Luis
Villa Merlo Eclipse total

The Villa de Merlo, in the province of  San Luis , is preparing to receive a large number of visitors. These are attracted by the possibility of having an optimal view of the total eclipse of the sun on July 2.

To live the preview there will be a “Solar Festival”, observations with telescopes, cultural activities, shows, ancestral music and thematic talks.

Privileged place

The tourist village is located right in the middle of the 200-kilometer strip that will have the privilege of being able to attend this show. It has the advantage that the weather conditions of the area and its geographical location ensure a full horizon. Nothing will hinder vision and there is a very high probability of not having cloud interference.

In addition,  Villa de Merlo  has the Sierra de los  Comechingones  . It does the time as a “balcony” to see the phenomenon from the heights.

On the weekend there will be  hiking  and cycling activities with themed guided tours. The planetarium will open its doors with special functions and observation with telescopes.

On Sunday 30 June there will be a great “Solar Festival” with music, talks, healthy meals, yoga classes, ecological production circuit, fire pit and, of course, observation of the Sun and the stars.

Meanwhile, on Monday the previous moments will be lived on the main avenue. There will be musical shows, dance and telescopes arranged for the audience to approach there.

Five easy-to-access observation points will be enabled for the time of the phenomenon. From there you can follow the eclipse minute by minute.

A group of 20 hot air balloons and small aircraft will fly over the skies for as long as the total sun eclipse lasts.

“We have a lot of reservations for those days. There is a lot of expectation for this event. We are preparing a large agenda of activities to live a real party,” said the Secretary of Tourism and Culture of Villa de Merlo, Lucia Miranda.

He also stressed that “the destination has a wide and varied offer of accommodation and services. This ensures a positive experience in every way.”


Astrotourism is practiced all year round in Villa de Merlo, where there are viewpoints and observatories. These offer the possibility of knowing the mysteries that enclose the night sky, observing the moon, stars and constellations.

Source: Telam

Publication Date: 28/06/2019

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