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The best-kept secret of La Villa de Merlo

We tell you why you can not miss this beautiful town of San Luis.

San Luis
Villa de Merlo

 By La Moretta 


We go on a trip to  San Luis , I propose you to tour its landscapes that are known as  Valle del Sol, this name is given more than 330 days of good weather... Can you imagine what haves are hiding?

  Merlo  is a place like few in the world,  it is famous for its microclimate. The scientific part of this factor I'm not going to explain it, but I do want to tell you that this condition makes people have a better mood. Its temperature is inside the reasons why thousands of visitors arrive every year.

Do you know Merlo to the letter? If the answer is negative, these next lines may help you decide to travel it. One of the interesting things is the flora of  Merlo, it has several unique species, one of them is a tree that was baptized as  Tabaquillo , only grows in places of high height and clean air. It has a reddish trunk with soft husks, these onion-like layers protect it from fires, according to popular legend, these trees do not burn.

In search of adventure we went to the “ Salto del Tabaquillo” , a trekking we did with a luxury guide: Diego. While the trail is marked, it is advisable to go with a guide. On the one hand, because he tells wonderful stories, on the other, because that's how it is impossible to get lost. The excursion is of medium difficulty, two hours of walking along the river and the mountains, to reach a waterfall of 20 meters high. Imposing, surrounded by mountains and some condors who escorted us. Among those who walk is a photographer, Nacho, he is in charge of saving everything that the retina observes.  Every step is worth... 


And, well, without further words, let's get to the point.  You're going to discover the secret at sunset . How many times do we expect these moments of disconnection, where colors are mixed, we dream of enjoying good company, appreciating the last hours of the day? But we always look at the sun, that shouldn't throw us off what “the other side” offers. The Sierras de Merlo are magical during these minutes, while the sun hides the colors change. It's a feast for our eyes, the  Sierras  change from green to red, blue, oranges, it's an incredible phenomenon. While I love sunsets, this place caught me, but beware, it's addictive.


To appreciate the secret well I recommend two places  to stay  and see them from different points.

Villa Merlo

 Howard Jhonson Plaza Spa Merlo , ideal for going with children, can enjoy the hotel 100%, have family activities, pools with different temperatures, a huge park where to do picnics and a games room. In this hotel you can opt for a room with balcony from there you can see the Sierras, when sunsets the hotel park becomes magical, but if you turn around you will find the colors in Las Sierras.

Another hotel is  El Condor Hotel Spa Gym , located at the foot of the Sierras, one of the oldest in Merlo, served by its owners who make you feel like your home. It has a large olympic outdoor pool, heated pool and tennis and paddle courts. Ideal to be able to walk through the streets at night and enjoy the tranquility of this place that has no waste.

Merlo manages to narrow a bond between one and nature, this transforms it into a memorable place. Its landscape is amazing as well as its history. Paradise was this, yes.


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Publication Date: 05/03/2021

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