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Two destinations for time travel in San Luis

La Carolina and Grotto Inti Huasi offer a journey through time, with archeology and history in the province of San Luis. Are you ready for the trip?

San Luis

La Carolina andGrotto Inti Huasi propose archeology and history. If you are about to travel to San Luis, and you do so from Cordoba, pay attention at the border crossing.

Leaving behind the town of Villa Dolores in Cordoba, by provincial route 20, a stone arch welcomes the neighboring province of St. Louis. At times, the mountain on the banks of the route exhibits many specimens of carob and white quebracho. And, if you pass through in the morning, it's very you may see corzuelas feeding on some fruit or branch of the trees.

Crossing the cities of Quines and Luján. An indicator sign points, 12 kilometers to the left, a historical reference that we must take. San Francisco del Monte de Oro hosts the first school he founded Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, in 1826. We cross the Las Chacras dam and we enter the renowned long slope. The main feature of this winding road is the huge number of bends, which force a slow gait but with a surprising landscape. At the end of the slope, we are already in the highest. The condors flutter, the temperature drops and the wind blows. Strong. We enter the sector of the pampa, where huge stones give shape and the landscape becomes wild. About 15 kilometers ahead, already We arrived at the first destination.

The Carolina

This village of few inhabitants is one of the most historic in the province of Puntana. He was selected by the National Project of Authentic Peoples for its unique characteristics, idiosyncrasy and distinctive culture. At more than 1500 meters high, the stone houses house its inhabitants, giving an impression of an ancient village and stopped in time. The history of this place dates back to the end of the 18th century, when the village became a miner. They aimed to extract gold from the imposing Tomolasta hill. Where are the ancient tunnels stretching hundreds of meters below the mountain. a.

Carolina was also the birthplace of the poet of new ideas, Chrysostom Lafinur, great-grandfather uncle of Jorge Luis Borges. His tomb stands on the site of the Museum of Poetry, and a few meters away is followed by a stone labyrinth. It represents the symbol present in many Borges writings.

Inti Huasi Grotto

The second destination is a legacy of nature and the first settlers of the area. La Carolina is around 20 km from the property. This archaeological site and natural grotto hides the secrets of the first people who inhabited the place, 8000 years ago. Its walls are full of pictographs, although they were disappearing due to the erosion of the stone caused by the filtration of water and the growth of vegetation.

Grotto Inti Huasi is located on the top of a hill at 1700 meters high. According to research carried out in the area, the first indigenous culture that inhabited it was Ayampitín. The pieces discovered by Dr. Alberto Rex Gonzales are found in the Museo de La Plata. The years of seniority of those elem

Publication Date: 11/02/2020

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