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Five “safety pins” from Merlo, San Luis

Merlo offers a mix of tranquility, culture and adventure. In the 5 places we recommend you will find that and much more.

San Luis

When we hear about Merlo, in San Luis, we get the feeling that they're talking about an outdoor spa. And literally it is, an ideal place to rest, to renew, to put aside the stress of the daily rhythm of our lives. This makes it a unique place to vacation.

If the destination of your GPS is already marked Merlo, I'll tell you about 5 places you can't miss:

1. Booking floro-faunistic

Located in Rincón del This one. Ideal to approach nature, good opportunity to capture unique images with a camera. In the same reservation there are other activities: trekking, Tyrolean, climbing and rappelling. You can also visit the waterfall Salto del Tobaquillo.

2. Pisco Yaco Dam

It is a relatively new place, it is close to meeting a decade since its inauguration. 25 kilometers from Merlo we will find a small summer site by the water. The dominant gastronomy is the , where producers exhibit their regional meals. You will enjoy a artisans walk and various activities of the water.

3. Mirador del Sol

A climbing path that takes us to 1470 meters above sea level. From there we will have a unique view of the whole city and nearby towns. If we reach the edge of the saws, we will be in the border between San Luis and Córdoba. From that point you can have a fantastic view of both provinces.

4. Carpentry

This is the name of one of the villages near Merlo. This place has a camp-municipalspa to enjoy a day in the shade of the native grove. There are several activities to do, but the most outstanding is paragliding.

5. Booking of Parrots

It's a reserve of caranday palm trees. The town offers camping and spa services, but also brings its culture. There is a museum dedicated to the Comechingons, the Aboriginals who dominated the area. Palm trees caranday are the main resource for creating crafts.

These are just a few of all the places you can visit in Merlo, but they all have the DNA and culture. Encourage to visit them, it is the perfect combination for a holiday of rest and adventure.


Publication Date: 04/01/2020

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