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Ischigualasto, a museum of 180 million years

Ischigualasto Park has become a historical, cultural, tourist and educational center, an open pit museum of 180 million years.

The  Ischigualasto Provincial Natural Park,  in San Juan, is an attraction that brings together history, culture, ecotourism and the favorite of many children and adults: dinosaurs. It's 62 thousand hectares where every inch has something unique. The place is known to everyone as  Valle de la Luna  and has been visited by thousands of people in 2019 by the solar eclipse.

The paleontological value of the place is huge, every step a tourist takes is a step along the same path that the dinosaurs traveled. The soil, the structure, the evolution: Ischigualasto is a portal in time.

The entrance to the park welcomes us with Cerro Morado and its huge walls. The various peaks give to those who arrive at unique views, and hiking is the ideal activity to get there. The landscape is beautiful, but also the fauna that safeguards it. The condor can be seen flying the skies of the park, and in the land guanacos, foxes and vizcachas take care of the place.

The interior of the park must necessarily be traveled in vehicles, and the road exposes us the power and patient work of nature. Many activities we imagine them caressed by sunlight giving a unique shine, but the night has its charm. The Moon also shines and gives a different life to Ischigualasto. The combination of the full moon with sanjuanina darkness and silence generates a dazzling night landscape. An activity that, in addition to creating a tourist memory, has a spiritual impact.

Ischigualasto has a multifunctional role in San Juan; it is a center for scientific studies, a tourist space and an educational field. A place that is 325 kilometers from the capital of Sanjuanina and that, culturally, must represent for any Argentine a mandatory destination in our traveler's manual.

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