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Everything you need to know about Ichigualasto

In San Juan there is a place where nature and time have been doing their work millions of years ago. Ischigualasto is much more than history.

San Juan

Ischigualasto Provincial Natural Park is a World Heritage Site and hides millions of years in its reddish landscapes. Located in the northeast of the province of San Juan, about 300 kilometers from the capital and 75 from San Agustin del Valle Fertil, which is the place where excursions leave to meet you. Ischigualasto, means in Quechua the place where the moon rests. “

Hence the park receives its nickname: Valley of the Moon. It is clear that the name given to it by the natives comes from the geological structures that look like from another world and that dot the landscape. Millions of years ago, this area was a plain dominated by heavy rains and rivers. In the time of the dinosaurs, these rock deposits formed slowly over time and have been maintained ever since.

Some of these stones are as round and smooth as balls due to the constant wind that has formed them through erosion. Among the rocks, the trunks of giant petrified trees attest to the rich vegetation that once fed the equally giant creatures walking among them.

Why meet him

Many wonder why to meet him. The answers are many and do not end in the beauty itself that keeps your landscape, no. Visiting it makes us feel so small in the face of existence. Guided tours in this place will make you understand a little more about how planet earth evolved and the smallest of things.

Alladin's fungus, submarine, parrot and lamp are names that have been given to the strange, irregular greyish-green rock formations found here. They were formed by the constant action of the wind that, like a crazy artist, sculpted the strange shapes during a period of millions of years.

To the interior of the Park, the main circuit, which is run only by vehicle and with the company of an authorized guide, takes 3 hours. During the countryandthe or there are stops to take photographs and specific sectors where the guide will show you and tell about Ischigualasto.

How to get there

The Ischigualasto Provincial Park is is located northeast of the province of San Juan, among the departments of Valle Fertil and Jáchal; and borders the province of La Rioja North, we leave you the routes according to where you go by car.

North: From La Quiaca (Jujuy) down by RN 40 you reach the province of San Juan direct and in the town of Jáchal thomas the RN 150 east that takes you straight to Ischigualasto Provincial Park.

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Publication Date: 01/06/2020

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