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3 tall cellars in Calingasta

The Calingasta Valley is surrounded by Cordillera de los Andes, a place to live the mountain in full and also enjoy the best high altitude wine.

San Juan
bodegas de altura en san juan

  Calingasta   is very particular, because of its privileged location next to the Andes Mountain Range, for its clear sky that allows you to see stars like anywhere else in our country. In that place, San Martín, Baqueanos and mountain winters kept the cavalada wintered with the food reserves and the livestock standing that fed the column that, under the command of the Liberator, crossed the Andes. But in this note we will not talk about it, we will dedicate ourselves to tell you about three tall wineries that you have to know on your next visit to San Juan.

Del Carmen Winery

The name of Calingasta, according to the local tradition, responds to Lugar de Calin, he was a chieftain who inhabited these lands. Legend has it that inexplicably Calin left everything to go live on the mountain. In Bodegas del Carmen they say that, where the farm sits, the chieftain lived growing the vine and achieving great flavour wines. Those who travel through Villa Corral at night can hear Calín's voice thanking for how they take care of their land.

high wineries in san juan

This is a winery of the highest category, where 6000 bottles of premium wines are made and grapes are produced for the most renowned wineries in Argentina. Its location at 1440 meters above sea level, the dry climate and the large thermal amplitude give the grapes an ideal quality for the wine market. During the process, 60 percent of the harvested fruit is used, thus final product has higher quality. The harvest is manual which allows proper selection and care not only for the plant but also the grapes, decisive to achieve perfection.


  Address:   RP 412, km 14.5. Villa Corral — Calingasta

Finca Alta Bonanza de los Andes

This farm is surrounded by elevations that exceed 4000 meters in height and nests, like an island, on the banks of the river de los Patos, at 1550 meters above sea level. The history of the estate begins more than a century ago, when the first owner built a house with adobe bricks, with walls 70 centimeters wide. Since that time agricultural activities were carried out such as growing vegetables, fruits and vines. Since 1960 they were dedicated to viticulture taking advantage of the 320 days of sunshine a year that gives the area.

high wineries in san juan

In 2006 the estate was bought by a marriage of German geologists who fell in love with the place. The winery offers guided tours and also tasting of high altitude wines and selling products.


  Address:   RN 149 s/n, Sorocayan, Calingasta, San Juan

Winery Entre Tapias

Entre Tapias is the first and only boutique winery in the Barreal region. Its surroundings are imposing, and is 1650 meters above sea level, the place proposes an unparalleled experience. Its arid and stony soils, irrigation enriched with natural nutrients, altitude and luminosity allow to obtain grapes that translate into wines with marked tones, distinguished and intense aromas and extremely equanimous sensations in the mouth.

high wineries in san juan

The establishment presents a boutique experience where it is possible to be an actor in the process in its initiation ground, through visits and tastings in the winery. You can also try delicious cheeses, minced and flame meats with vegetables and aromatic.


  Address:   President Roca s/n. Barreal, San Juan.

Publication Date: 25/03/2021

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