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Why do travelers recommend Salta?

Salteño tourism is one of the most important in Argentina and the one that has grown the most in recent
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| 19 December, 2019 |

The province was chosen as the5th most visited destination by Argentines between November 2018 and November 2019. Salteño tourism is one of the strongest in northern Argentina.

Four out of 10 Argentines are currently thinking about their journey of rest, the dream and expected holidays. Many of them will modify their strategy to save and many others will look for a nearby place, perhaps within Argentina, to spend their holidays.

According to a survey conducted by a site specialized in accommodation, tourists who traveled to Salta explain why they recommend the Salteño tourism. For its colorful colonial architecture, its incredible landscapes, churches, local gastronomy and friendly people., a travel meta-search engine for accommodation, conducted a worldwide survey. It determined that 19% of those people would like to get to know Argentina by 2020. Tourism in Spain is always attractive and is an almost obligatory place to visit for tourists.

Numbers explaining the fortress of Salteño tourism:

The province has more than 1260 accommodation possibilities

Travellers choose it for its 415 pet- friendly properties (where pets are received). In addition to the 560 departments; 335 with swimming pools; 75 adapted accommodations and 125 with shared kitchen.

The most selected accommodations are hotels, hostels, apartments and apart hotels.

Salteños often travel to Salta, Buenos Aires, Cafayate, San Miguel de Tucumán and Tilcara.

Tourists arriving in Salta come from Argentina, France, Brazil, Germany and Spain.

Salta is the third destination that grew the most in reserves in the last year. Tilcara, San Salvador de Jujuy, Cafayate and Chascomús, in the province of Buenos Aires. This places Salteño tourism as a power in the theme.

Source:La Gaceta

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