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The Museum of Vine and Wine invites you to discover the unique wines of the Calchaquí Valley

The valloist culture of the calchaquí region is considered unique, particular, an activity passes through it completely. Discover her.

viñedos de los valles calchaquies

The characteristic of a wine is marked by the soil in which its vine grows, water, height, thermal amplitude, sunny days, but above all by the hands of men and women who care and wait for the plant to grow, that the sarmiento sprout turns into cluster and that the grapes are transformed into wine.

Médanos blancos announce the arrival in Cafayate, the heart of the  Calchaquíes Valleys , known for its production of wines and for hosting one of the most popular folk festivals, La Serenade, in the month of February. In addition to the must-see to its admirable Cathedral, a tour of the wineries and vineyards of the city and surroundings can be more than interesting.

Different guided tours will allow you to know and taste wines from insignia vines in the area such as Torrontés, which has become the most distinguished in the country for its aroma, color and flavor.

The surroundings are full of alternatives to discover: the view of the valleys: hiking to the Colorado River, cycling, horseback riding through vineyards, hiking and walking through the dunes. Or, for those who prefer less hectic alternatives: the chance to visit the Artisan Market, the Museum of Vine and Wine and the Anthropological.

 Museum of Vine and Wine 

It proposes a dynamic and interactive exhibition about the history and characteristics of the vineyards in the Calchaquíes Valleys and their Altura Wines. It is a “living” space, full of visual and sound stimuli, interactive and entertaining that contributes to the cultural growth of visitors of all ages.

The different content is expressed in an artistic way, such as exhibition techniques that include stage effects, lighting, multimedia programs and audiovisual presentations; that combine design, creativity, architecture and technology so that each visitor lives an experience unforgettable and know the great quality that distinguishes the wines of the Valleys Calchaquíes and their unique characteristics.

 Wine route and visits to wineries 

Another proposal is to visit the wine route, to taste the high altitude wines, produced with grapes grown at more than 3000 meters above sea level, which made this region famous. Few wine roads boast the beauty and strength of the natural landscape, the shapes and colors of its mountains, a rich history and the presence of ancient customs.

Three main routes (RN 68, RN 40 and RP33) trace the axis of a true circuit or route, with the possibility of endless trips. And although Cafayate was constituted as the head and main distributor center of the route, today the wine tourism register, which covers all those companies related to the Wine Route, includes enterprises in Payogasta, Cachi, Seclantás, Molinos, Angastaco, San Carlos, Animaná and La Viña.

The proposal is based on knowing, visiting and being surprised with the proposals of each winery, but is enriched by the contribution of enterprises such as themed hotels, spa services, wine bars, travel agencies with special circuits, sweets and cheese factories, craft workshops etc.

Even in recent times there have been proposals as nice as those offered by small producers that make up the Campesino Tourism Network, workshops to learn the secrets of calchaquí pottery, events such as community harvesting that takes place in Finca Las Nubes in March.

Publication Date: 27/09/2020

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