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The key to life

Tolar Grande, sea eyes, stromatolites and the origin of life: there are plenty of reasons to visit this beautiful place.


There are two ways to know a place. The first is simply wandering, walking around, seeing what our eyes show us — which is not a little. However, limiting our experience to what we can perceive according to our own parameters, we are missing things.

The second also allows us to enrich ourselves, to take something from the place we visited. How? Studying, reading, talking to local people or, better yet, with guides. That way, let's see what we really need to see in that place, what our senses would have missed without someone to point it out.

In   Tolar Grande  (Salta) , the “  eyes of the sea ” make up one of the most unforgettable walks of la  Puna . In the middle of the  salar , the direct perception of these natural water mirrors — and of the flora and fauna that surround them — is in itself wonderful. However, the most incredible thing about that place are its  microbes and bacteria .

Without prior notice, we would miss  stromatolites , groupings of microorganisms with algae, linked to calcareous formations such as those that populated Earth  35 billion years ago. These were, no less, those who created the conditions for life on the planet: they were responsible for capturing carbon dioxide and transforming it into oxygen .

 Tolar Grande, sea eyes, stromatoliths and the origin of life: there are plenty of reasons to visit this beautiful place and, by the way, learn how we got here.

Publication Date: 30/05/2018

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