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Quijano Station: the new tourist terminal of Salta

Campo Quijano Station was renovated and will be presented as an urban and interurban bus terminal and a tourist proposal.
Estación Quijano
| 13 December, 2019 |

An imposing tourist bus terminal will be inaugurated in the middle of Portal de los Andes. It is the site of the former TrainStation, near the Hospital of Campo Quijano. “The Terminal was designed to offer better comfort to users and also to promote tourism,” explained former mayor Manuel Cornejo.

The platforms will be used by transport services to San Antonio de los Cobres, Salta-Quijano-Salta, Quijano-Rosario de Lerma and Quijano-Cerrillos, among others. Cornejo highlighted an important fact: the circuits of Saeta will not be modified. In other words, the tourist terminal will not affect the travel of the cars, they will remain as they are currently.

The former communal chief held a meeting with the general manager of SAETA, Claudio Juri, and the owners of the company Ale Hnos. Together with them they evaluated an operational diagram.

The project aims to strengthen tourism and generate a cultural pole that forms part of the pedestrian route of the town. The terminal at the same time puts in value a local icon, with different activities complementary to the transport of passengers. The idea is to configure a Railway Walk, which starts in Plaza Martín Fierro, where exposes an old steam locomotive, up to the new station.

The story

The urbanization of the town arose at the beginning of the 20th century along with the construction of the railway to Socompa. A whole story that goes on rails. Until recently, Quijano crossed the famous formation of the Train to the Clouds. It allowed the traveler to enjoy the stunning beauty of the landscape, the heights, the ravines and the hills. In the town they trust that, in the future, the old route will return. This would make Quijano the basis of the fantastic journey Salta is known all over the world.

Quijano will have a very picturesque terminal that preserves the traditional architectural traces, a wonderful work. It will become an important source of income as it will be a space for development for local enterprises. The tourist terminal will open registration for those who are interested in having a local at the station. The indispensable requirement will be to have a domicile in the locality with a seniority of not less than five years, Cornejo said.

Source: El Tribuno

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