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Pay attention: 10 must-see points in the Quebrada de las Conchas

If you are going to visit Quebrada de las Conchas, in Salta, we leave you a guide with the points you can not miss. Don't miss them!

Quebrada de las Conchas

When we visit certain places in our country, it is important to be warned of what we can find there, so as not to miss anything. Going with attentive gaze and alert senses will allow us to enjoy even more of the wonders that nature gives us. Today we tell you 10 points that you can not miss when you visit  Quebrada de las Conchas , in  Salta . Erosion and millions of years have made this a unique place, with incredible landscapes and an interesting geological and cultural history. Take note!

 The Amphitheatre 

Due to its unique shape, it has an unparalleled acoustics. For this reason, musical events are held there. At visit it is possible to meet some local musician playing guitar, quena or other native instruments.

 Devil's Throat 

Of such an imposing dimension that it is almost impossible to capture in a single glance, it is one of the magical places of the Quebrada de las Conchas. The most adventurous can climb up and continue to walk up.

 The Toad 

The Toad is a formation to which natural erosion gave the shape of that animal. It is very easy to access as it is located on the vera de la Ruta.

 The Windows 

The windows are formations that can be seen directly from the route. These are stones eroded by time that appear to be windows. Depending on the point from which they are seen or the position of the sun, the visual effect that makes them so particular varies.

 The Castles 

With their particular reddish colour, they are a natural formation that acquired the mountain in the Calchaquíes Valleys that seem to be real castles. They provide visitors with a unique landscape where colors and shadows make this a magical place.

 The Obelisk 

This stunning natural monolith is proof of what wind and rain erosion can do for thousands of years. The Obelisk is easily accessible as it is also located on the side of the route.

 La plasterera 

La Yesera impacts us with its wide range of colors. They can perfectly appreciate the geological formations that make it up. 15 million years have made this place a real spectacle for visitors. In addition, marine fossils can be found.

 Mirador de Las Tres Cruces 

Las Tres Cruces is a panoramic point, which is reached by climbing the hill by a natural staircase. It allows you to observe the entire creek and the river.

 The Friar 

On the slope of the mountain, a white stone trail helps to find it. The little contrast it has with the background makes it difficult at first to locate. But, if attention is paid, it is possible to identify the training.

 Santa Barbara 

Santa Barbara is a small village located 4.5 km south of Mirador Tres Cruces and a few kilometers from the center of Cafayate. A beautiful and picturesque place where you can buy regional products.

Publication Date: 09/06/2019

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