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Nogalar de los Awnings opened

This reservation, which you have to enter from Bolivia, reopened its doors.

nogalar de los toldos

The National Reserve El Nogalar de Los Toldos, located in the department of Santa Victoria in the province of  Salta , is open for national visitors from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 to 20:00, until full capacity is completed. aacute; up to 60 people daily.

Hiking and recreation activities are enabled in daytime use areas (tables and stoves) and overnight with the respective camping permit.

These lands were formerly the San José de Huayco Grande and Pedregal estates, formerly owned by the Burry family, former pioneers and settlers in the region. Its approximate area is more than three thousand hectares, which make up a large water basin in which the nascent of the Huaico Grande River are located. It supplies hydroelectric energy, water for consumption and irrigation to Los Toldos, is the main tributary of the Toldos River and later of the Bermejo.

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Although the ecoregion present in this Reserve corresponds to the Yungas or Selva de altura, present in several protected areas, the Nogalar de los Toldos acquires unique importance because it preserves two of the Yunguan environments that have less representativity, the Montano or haze pasture, in the most important sectors elevated, and the Montano Forest below that.

The climate is subtropical with dry season. With an average annual temperature of 17º C. Which guarantees an excellent stay throughout the year.

Flora and Fauna

walnut of the awnings

In the lowlands you can see imposing walnut forests that give its name to the reserve. When you visit the reserve you travel through a forest composed of walnut trees, cedars and pine trees of the hill of important diameter, which are squandering between straighteners and some queñoas that give way to the high grasslands in the summits of Cerro Bravo and San José of more than 3,000 meters above sea level.

In the lower areas you can see red squirrels. While the high areas protect the taruca or deer, declared a National Natural Monument. The Nogalar is home to a wide variety of bird species, occupying the different vegetation floors, which vary their presence and quantity according to the time of year. In the watercourses you can see hocó colorado, large kingfisher, water blackbirds, among others.

They increase this diversity, small and large mammals such as pumas, roes, peccaries, foxes, ferrets, squirrels, gray fox, reptiles such as yarara, different snakes, lizards, and amphibians like the red tummy toad species endemic to the eco region.

Places to visit

walnut of the awnings

You can visit the Trashumance Ganadera Path, which has enabled only one stretch, to the viewpoint: with a route of 700 meters. During it you can observe different tree species, red squirrel and some birds. It ends in a viewpoint that offers a privileged view of the Huaico Grande River.


Within the Reserve, near the entrance portal there is a rugged camping sector with infrastructure for grills, tables and benches. It has four stoves with wooden tables and benches, a recreational area with football and volleyball court and a stove sector. It does not have sanitary ware, suppliers or concessionaires for attention to visitors.

To enter you must request a prior reservation 48 hours in advance to the mail, or phone 0387-5074433.

How to get there by car

From Salta capital you take the RN 9, then RN 34 entering the province of Jujuy passing through the city of Libertador Gral. San Martín to the Salta town of Pichanal, then take the RN 50 passing through the city of Oran to Aguas Blancas, border with the country of Bolivia. After migratory and customs procedures, you enter Bolivia to travel along Pan American Route 1 until you reach the Los Toldos crossing, before reaching La Mamora (Bolivian town). It is approximately 95 km from the international bridge Aguas Blancas/Bermejo). From the Los Toldos crossing you will travel by RP 19 about 18 km along a consolidated road, until you reach the village of Los Toldos.

Source and Photos APN

Publication Date: 21/02/2021

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