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La Balcarce, an unmissable path of culture and folklore

Visiting Salta involves, yes or yes, walking La Balcarce, a street that exposes local culture at its best. You can't miss it.


If you're looking for fun, music, crafts and having a great time,  La Balcarce  is your place in  Salta  . Salteños have turned this eight-block street into a must-see destination for Argentine and foreign tourists.

The cultural offer is overwhelming on the street and promenade known as La Balcarce. Everything we can see and taste has  regional  and Salteño DNA, which makes this way a registered trademark. The music that dominates the place is  folklore : at every step we will hear a hype or guitar playing dispersing culture. The zambas and chacareras are very  popular  and are dances that are practiced on the spot.

 Culinary  art has many representatives in La Balcarce. Mainly because eating is one of our passions and because it also represents an opportunity to meet other people. Being around the plate is a practice with a lot of cultural charge for us and the walk explodes that custom. There are all kinds of bars and restaurants, many stand out for their  regional food,  the  Salteño pride . However we find places that offer us different genres and we can also try international meals. Many of these places are an opportunity to watch live bands. When it comes to filling the glass, the main drink that will invite us will be the salteño  wine  .

 La Balcarce Craft Fair  has no holidays, they work from Sunday to Sunday. Its products attract not only the physical, but also by the sensations generated by their sounds and aromas. A unique attraction that increasingly calls more Argentines and foreigners.

 A walk for everyone 

 La Balcarce,  both day and night, has proposals that suit a family, a couple or a group of friends who want to enjoy a barbecue and a good chacarera. There are also bowliches to live the night in another way. If you come to Salta, you can't stop walking this unique street where our most seduces and falls in love.

Publication Date: 19/11/2019

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