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Hotel Termal de Salta: refuge of great personalities

The Hotel Termal, recently remodeled, awaits tourists arriving in this area of the country. The place keeps keeping anecdotes, discover.

Hotel Termas

The story starts like this: it was late 1870 and several scholars and specialists detected in the curious hot springs in the town of Rosario de la Frontera almost two hours from the capital of Salteña, minerals with healing properties. It was there that early in the morning they began to test them to treat certain ailments. But everything was very precarious and the first bathers brought their tents and put them in a nearby wilderness so they could take their baths during the season. A thermal hotel seemed like a dream.

You begin to glimpse a hotel

Faced with this perspective, a Spanish doctor residing in Tucumán, Antonio Palau became interested and decided to travel to know the place. And it was finally in 1880 that Palau and Eliseo Cantón (a scholar of the hot springs of the Argentine North) opened together the first hotel that was located on the shores of the hot spring. The hotel was made up of wooden boxes, designed strategically and exclusively for bathers

A few years passed and success prevailed, so Palau took the initiative to invest in greater quality and comfort that materialized in a new building with large galleries and a terrace facing the front. He also added the idea of bottling the water in order to commercialize it. Already in 1889 the hotel passed into the hands of the company Palau, Torres y Cía.

Presidential Relaxation Place

Carrara marbles, Slavonian oak floors and even electric light when the village did not yet have it. All this made the Buenos Aires aristocracy begin to visit him, which made him more and more famous and exclusive.

Among the characters of the era that stand out we can name Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, president of The Argentines, who wrote an exquisite account in which it clearly shows how the hotel was lived and perceived at that time: “The whole hotel burns and boars. You dance in the lobby, in the living room, around the reading table. Soon the madness progresses, communicates to the lower floors... Oh! Oh! , the wind can blow out, shake the lanterns, moan the wires of the phone (because there is a phone) and swirl the snow that covers the neighboring mountains. Here it feels hot, one is good and there is for the whole night.”

Another prestigious president who passed through his rooms was Nicolás Avellaneda

Publication Date: 18/05/2020

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