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Cabra Corral Dam, a paradise a few kilometers from the capital of Spain

Cabra Corral is one of the most pleasant options in Salta. Green landscapes and lake, adventure tourism and a splendid space to enjoy with the family.

Dique Cabra Corral

The  Cabra Corral Dam  is one of the largest water reserves in  northern Argentina . It is located just 65 kilometers from the capital of Salta on the RN 68. It is, indisputably, one of the favorite destinations of the Salteños to spend the weekend. The crystalline water reservoir offers pure nature, adventure sport and also history. Built between 1966 and 1972, this water mirror was built on a natural gorge formed by the confluence of different rivers

 Fishing  is undoubtedly one of its greatest attractions because it is one of the most privileged areas in the north of our country. Fishermen enjoy the scenery while looking for some pejerreyes, bogas, catfish and shad. The gastronomic tourism also unfolds its charms and you can even enjoy an excellent lunch with panoramic views and direct views of the dam.

Adventure tourism took on a major role in recent years and fashion sports such as bungee jumping were incorporated. You can also take 4x4 trips climbing, zip lining or rappelling. Other options, further away from adrenaline, are trekking or moutain bike. Some inns offer even the possibility of horse riding, an ideal opportunity to connect with nature in a unique way through this equestrian activity.

 In the footsteps of history... 

One of the most attractive alternatives is his  Rupestre painting of Ablomé  in the perilago of Cabra Corral  . The areas inhabited native villages and left their traces painted with stones .  They can be accessed by boat or kayak to cross the dam, once there the journey must be done on foot and wearing comfortable shoes. The walk is enjoyed from the very first moment and while walking you can see native animals such as roves, parrots or iguanas. A useful suggestion is to download apps that work like GPS to mark the way.

The first stop is the  Gran Peñol,  a beautiful viewpoint to which you climb after an hour of walking and which offers one of the best views of the dam. Surrounded by hills and vegetation, the crystal clear waters invite you to a unique tranquillity in this small green lung not so far away from the capital.

When you go down the Peñol, you get to the cave paintings, undisputed traces of history. At this time of the walk you can take pictures and rest. Many of the paintings relate to the Santamarian culture that appeared between the 900 and 1,000 AD, although others date from even older societies.

 Colonel Molds 

Very close to the Cabra Corral reservoir, and as part of the circuit of the Calchaquíes Valleys, is Coronel Moldes. This area offers a privileged climate and  articulates nature with the agricultural traditions of the region.Here you can visit the   Tobacco Museum.A private venture, unique in our country, extracting the significance of the pre-Columbian ritual of this crop .  The visitor will know all the secrets of tobacco, from its origins in these lands and how it grew up to the present day.

In Coronel Moldes another must-see is the Santa Anita Archaeological Museum. The story runs from hunters gatherers 10,000 years ago to the barter era. Through unique pieces, the pre-Columbian life of the region is attested.

An architectural gem found in Coronel Moldes is the  San Bernardo Church  which was built in the 18th century. Near the village is this picturesque 18th century temple. It has a peculiarity, it is built on an elevation of the ground that allows, from there, to have a view of the village

Publication Date: 13/08/2020

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