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Saint Francis of Alfarcito: a caress to the soul

In the province of Jujuy, San Francisco de Alfarcito offers its visitors an authentic tourist product. Get to know him.
En la provincia de Jujuy, San Francisco de Alfarcito ofrece a sus visitantes un producto turístico auténtico
10 July, 2019

San Francisco de Alfarcito (or simply Alfarcito) is a small town in the Cochinoca department in the province of Jujuy. It is 170 km from the city of San Salvador and 40 km from the Great Salt Flats.

This beautiful village is part of a network of indigenous communities open to community and rural tourism. Alfarcito offers its visitors an authentic, participatory and familiar tourist product. It links community members with visitors from an intercultural perspective.

Accompanied by local guides, visitors can delve into and understand the historical settlement processes in the region, taste regional food and receive close treatment in each family home.

To know this way the Puna Jujeña is to live history and the present, enjoying a different and authentic experience. An adventure you can’t miss.

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