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The Secrets of the Rio Negro Valley

In the north of Rio Negro and accompanying the river that gives it its name, is the Valle region, the productive heart of the province, we reveal its secrets.

Río Negro
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The high valley of Rio Negro stands out the cultivation of so-called nugget fruits, to which nuts and vineyards are added. In the waters of the river and the surrounding landscapes, various adventure sports are also practiced.

The designated  Valle Region  integrates the northern part of the province, and keeps the route of the river that gives it its name and which is the nucleus of the region. In this area the fruitful activity of the province meets and the effect of man's work for water use through irrigation systems is observed in a great engineering work. The places are arranged very close to each other and are related, since the inhabitants perform tasks in places other than their residence, so mobility is very important.

turimso in rio negro

The RN22 is also a link where  Cipolletti, General Roca and Villa Regina  are located in the so-called Alto Valle.  Chimpay, Darwin and Choele Choel  are some of those that make up the Middle Valley. The production of fruits such as pears and apples is the protagonist in this region. As the tourist advances along the routes, they can enjoy a landscape full of trees that fill with fruits towards the end of summer. In recent years the production of nuts (nuts, hazelnuts and almonds) has also played an important role.

Here, the  agritourism  stands out for presenting different options to enjoy: visits to farms, fruit sheds, breweries and cider houses or trout hatcheries, among others.

All visits are complemented by the possibility of purchasing the products that are made in each place. River walks and activities such as paddle surfing or fly fishing are great experiences to live in the  Rio Negro Valley .

turimso in rio negro

 The Rio Negro wine routes  are one of the most important attractions in this region. The vineyards that compose it are close to General Roca, Fernández Oro, Villa Regina and Cipolletti. They welcome visitors to visit their vineyards -some over 100 years old -, accompany the process of making their wines, visiting museums and even participating in the harvest season.

In these wineries you can taste different grape varieties - pinot noir, merlot, malbec, cabernet sauvignon - and enjoy lunch or dinner in an amazing country setting. Buying some bottles of wine is the perfect end to the tour.

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 Religious tourism  stands out particularly in Chimpay, birthplace of Blessed Ceferino Namuncurá. You can visit your sanctuary all year round, but the most important holiday takes place during the last days of August, as the 26th is celebrated its birth. This religious holiday brings together tens of thousands of people who come together to manifest their faith.

Very close to  General Roca  is the protected natural area of  Paso Córdoba  , where you can go hiking and trekking. It is an important deposit of fossil remains and an ideal place to observe the flora and fauna of the bardas, typical of the region. The  Red Moon Valley  is one of the most impressive places, with its wide reddish landscape. There are night tours, and the most impressive thing is to visit the place on full moon nights.

There are also valuable paleontological museums in the valley region. Among other things, the remains of dinosaurs unique in the world are exhibited near the different places.

Source: Secretary of Tourism of Rio Negro

Publication Date: 27/09/2020

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