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The oldest lighthouse in Patagonia

If you are in the province of Río Negro, don't miss this emblematic lighthouse.

Located at the mouth of Rio Negro, in the city of Viedma, the Lighthouse de la barra del Río Negro was inaugurated on May 25, 1887 by General Lorenzo Winter, and today is the oldest sign in the country that continues in service.
It is an octagonal structure, over 13 meters high, composed of a tower of 9 meters and 64 steps that separate it from the ground. Initially its illumination was with an oil lamp, which over time was replaced by equipment fed to kerosene and then replaced with acetylene gas. It is currently powered by electric energy and has an optical light concentrator system with a luminous range of 16 nautical miles.
Its strategic location marks the beginning of the cliff that characterizes the Patagonian coast. A postcard you can't miss.

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