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The National Festival of Hops will be held in El Bolsón from February 22

The event is a tribute to the first settlers who were engaged in the development of hop production.

Río Negro

The 45th National Festival of Hops, which worships pioneers in this crop and is also a tourist attraction, will be held in El Bolson from 22 to 24 February, reported the director of tourism of this town in Rionegrina, Sofia Seroff.
The holiday is a tribute to the first settlers who were dedicated to the development of hop production and celebrates the arrival of harvests of this regional fruit that gives a characteristic flavor to beer.
“ This edition will be held in the sports gym and we will have the participation of Los Palmeras, Los Pericos and Axel on the stage 'Violeta del Agua',” the local official told Telam.
On the first day, as every year, will be held the blessing of the fruit celebrated, and there will be a brewery yard inside the premises, with the participation of local artists, producers and artisans.
“ There will be artisanal food stalls and healthy food and there will also be a balloon where producers and artisans will hold an exhibition and sale of their products,” said Seroff.
“ As part of this celebration, we will have as a special attaché during these dates the Hops Congress, which already has more than 470 registered. It is held in Lago Escondido and is a specific event dedicated to people dedicated to craft beer,” he added.
This congress will also feature an art exhibition and exhibition and sale of works related to the hops theme.
Parallel to the festival, Semana del Curanto will take place, a method of cooking native to Patagonia that offers flavors of all kinds, declared of tourist interest and will be done for the first time in the town of Mallín Ahogado.
Guided tours of the Leibrech family hops will be offered on these dates, where the Hops Harvest Festival will be held.
“ Within the rionegrina festivals, hops will be the party with the largest number of breweries nationally and internationally, because brands from Chile also come,” said Seroff.

Source: Telam

Publication Date: 18/02/2019

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